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Balance patch for Wings of Liberty

By Tobias 'noxilicious' .
Dec 5, 2012 01:19

ImageWhile the HotS beta is seeing a lot of patches, WoL has not seen some for quite a long time now. That has changed as the latest patch was a balance one and has already kicked in. The changes might improve the balance.

Apparently Blizzard saw that the infestor was heavily used in recent tournaments and they wanted to change that. They don't want Zerg players to stop using the infestor unit, but they wanted to encourage the players to use other units as well.

The way to go was to nerf the infestors slightly. The cast range got reduced from 9 to 8 and the health of the infestor eggs has been reduced from 100 to 70. This should improve the options in the PvZ matchup. The ravens will not need any upgrade to get Heat Seeker Missiles, which could give Terrans a chance for a new late game strategies.

Official patch notes
Raven seeker missile upgrade removed.

Infested Terran eggs health down from 100 to 70

Fungal Growth range down from 9 to 8

The changes should not affect the game too much and Blizzard states, they wanted to try to improve the game, not change anything major. The patch kicked in yesterday, as the servers were offline for a short time to get it up and running. More patches and balance changes for WoL and HotS seem likely. Another HotS patch has already been announced and once HotS is released, there will be the chance to work on balance, as Blizzard stated.




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