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IPL5 Shootmania Round-up + Interview with SK rapha

By Gustav 'Popss' Broström
Dec 5, 2012 14:39

ImageWith IPL5 being the first big Shootmania tournament, among the big boys of Starcraft II and League of Legends, the hype before this event was huge. SK was there, and competed for the $100,000.

The hype was huge before IPL5 last weekend, where they had scrambled together $100.000, as the biggest prize pot yet in Shootmania’s history. SK got an invite to this tournament and rapha, the achieved quake player, put together a team and went to Las Vegas to show the world that their free invite was not a mistake.

US SK started out their group weak, losing their first map against CA Epsilon.NA but followed that up with a victory against CA Spin Move. With their momentum and confidence from their last match they came into the game versus FR Colwn, the winners of ESCW $10.000 tournament, and outplayed Stermy & Co 2-1, finishing 2nd in their group.

In the playoffs, SK got put against the top team NL Fnatic, who showed their strength in the group stage, finishing top in their group. And they really showed that they deserved that number one spot, beating SK in the semifinals, who now placed 3rd/4th.
But SK, consisting of US id_, US Mark 'cl0ck' McGrail and US Shane 'rapha' Hendrixson, with a lot less preparation than the other teams before this tournament, really showed that they are a team to look out for and actually was the only team that beat Colwn at IPL5, who came out on top after a tough final vs Fnatic.

Final Standings:

1. FR Colwn ($30,000)

2. NL Fnatic ($15,000)

3-4. US SK Gaming ($8,000)

3-4. US Planet Xpress ($8,000)

5-6. CA Epsilon eSports ($5,500)

5-6. SE TCM-Gaming ($5,500)

7-8. CA Spin Move ($4,000)

7-8. US compLexity ($4,000)

Here is US Shane 'rapha' Hendrixson's thoughts on being invited to personally create a team for IPL5 and his thoughts on his teams performance.

We congratulate our SK Shootmania and are very proud of their result and the way they represented us throughout the weekend.



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