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Mind Sports Festival final standings

By Blaga 'blg-' Marius Madalin
Dec 3, 2012 21:01

ImageNinjas in Pyjamas has won the Mind Sports Festival in Prague after beating Team VeryGames in the grand finals to win the $10,000 first place prize. placed third over BuyKey.

Mind Sports Festival is now the fourth major tournament that the Swedish team won after DreamHack Valencia, ESWC and DreamHack and which will guarantee them a $10,000 in cash. They collected about $44,000 in total from these four tournaments.

The Swedish representative managed to come out on top of group A with full twelve points and advance to the playoffs where they met two French representatives, FR eXtensive and FR BuyKey. The French giants finished group B on top with three victories and one lost in the first match against SK In the playoffs they met PL ESC Gaming and Slovakian-Czech team, but this time they managed to take revenge from them.

As many predicted, the two favorites going into the event met in the grand final. First map was de_nuke_ve where the Swedish guys from SE Ninjas in Pyjamas was stronger, winning the map with a 16-9 score. In the second map de_inferno_se FR Team VeryGames collected several rounds, but not enough, losing the second map with a 16-11 score.

Picture courtesy of NiP facebook

SE Ninjas in Pyjamas are now the champions in Prague and have secured a $10,000 cheque for their victory. FR Team VeryGames will receive $6,000 for their performance, while SK will get $4,000 after winning against FR BuyKey in the third place decider match.

Mind Sports Festival final standings
1. SE Ninjas in Pyjamas - $10,000
2. FR Team VeryGmaes - $6,000
3. SK - $4,000
4. FR BuyKey
5-8. PT k1ck
5-8. PL ESC Gaming
5-8. RU zNation
5-8. FR eXtensive
8-10. BE Brussels Guardians
8-10. RU dAT Team

If you missed anything, feel free to check our coverage page for the Mind Sports Festival CS:GO tournament right here.



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