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iG wins WCG 2012

By Samuel 'DarthBotto' Horton
Dec 3, 2012 03:01

ImageInvictus Gaming has defeated DK eSports to win this year's global championship of the World Cyber Games.

CN Invictus Gaming continue to solidify their position as the dominant Chinese Dota 2, with their secured victory over their fellow countrymen from CN Team DK . DK fell to iG in an absolute fashion of dominance on the latter's part, with little leeway given by the already outperforming roster of iG. With this victory, iG has earned $20,000, which further solidifies their position as the second highest-earning squad of any game, behind UA Natus Vincere .

While iG and DK performed in a manner that was expected, other teams failed to live up to the legacy of their players. Namely UA UA'shechki , (a mix team comprised of the Ukrainians from Na'Vi and RU Team Empire ), did not manage to live up to their hype, as they were overpowered by DK and MY Orange eSports . In addition, the highly-anticipated performance of the new KR Mineski kr encountered a similar stigma as UA'shechki and failed to escape Group A. One major highlight, however, came from the end of BY Devil Mice , who overpowered Orange, to win third place at the tournament.

The Dota action for this tournament was not over, though, as the Defense of the Ancients mod made a showing, as well. CN TongFu Team , who continue to play the original DotA, defeated CN LGD-Gaming cn, to win the DotA tournament. LGD came at a disadvantage, as they have not played the original mod at a consistent basis.



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