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IPL5 - Day 4 recap

By Daniel 'DanielPY' Yordanov
Dec 2, 2012 20:19

Image4 teams left and 50,000$ up for the grabs in Day 4 of the IGN Pro League 5. Who will prove worthy of being crowned champion?

The winners in the right place

The upper bracket final sees CN World Elite and EU Fnatic face-off against each other. The Europeans seek revenge for the loss in the group phase and will definitely not underestimate their opponents. The game started perfectly for EU Fnatic as SE Martin 'Rekkles' Larsson picked up 2 kills on his Ezreal. With this advantage, they continued to force exchanges which always went their way. Despite a couple of slip-ups EU Fnatic dominated their opponents who crumbled and surrendered game one.

Game two started in the same perfect manner for the Europeans. ES Enrique Javier 'xPeke' Cedeño Martinez's Diana was unstoppable in the early game as she quickly racked three kills. The Chinese, however, refused to give up and managed to capitalize on an overextended engage near their top tower and crushed EU Fnatic in the next two fights. Accumulating a large lead, they managed to close the game and equalize the score.

EU Fnatic started well once again as they picked up a quick first blood. Unfortunately, CN World Elite 's momentum was too big and they managed to turn things around by acing their opponents without losing a single man. From that point on, the Chinese solidified their lead and aced EU Fnatic twice more to earn their place in the IPL 5 League of Legends Grand Finals!


The grudge continues

Despite being in the lower bracket - RU Moscow Five and TW Azubu Taipei Assassins always promise a spectacle of skill and teamwork. The early stages were dominated by the Russians, but the Assassins needed simply one fight to take the lead and from then on, snowball with the help of the baron buff. Game one goes to TW Azubu Taipei Assassins.

The second game left no doubts as to who the better team is. The assassins came strong and pushed RU Moscow Five around throughout the game. The Russians had a couple of good plays here and there, but TW Azubu Taipei Assassins were merciless in the last two team fights and consequently eliminated the Russians from IPL 5. The Taiwanese team will now face EU Fnatic in the lower bracket final.

Last chance for the crown

The key word during the first match was aggression as EU Fnatic bullied their opponents from the start. Once again, ES Enrique Javier 'xPeke' Cedeño Martinez and SE Martin 'Rekkles' Larsson were the central figures in this dominant display. Victory was just a matter of time as the Europeans continued to pick off the scattered champions of TW Azubu Taipei Assassins.


The second game started good for the Asian team as they picked off two kills. EU Fnatic immediately equalized and got back in their aggressive rhythm as strong ganks, invades and tower dives never failed to bring kills into their account. With this advantage, the Europeans forced the Assassins into unfavorable trades which only brought them closer to defeat. EU Fnatic ended the game with an excellent split push and now await to exact their revenge on CN World Elite in the grand finals of IPL 5!

The final joust

CN World Elite started with a 1 game lead due to defeating EU Fnatic earlier today. Unfortunately, their opponents were hungry for blood and immediately started looking for gank or dive opportunities. An absolutely inhuman performance by FR Paul 'sOAZ' Boyer on Lee Sin was the icing on the cake for EU Fnatic as they demolished the composition of CN World Elite . Leading with more than 10 kills on the 21st minute mark, the Europeans dispatched Baron Nashor, forced another engagement, decimated their enemies and equalized the series.

Game two had a rocky start for EU Fnatic as they lost the first blood, but managed to get ahead after snatching some kills themselves. From that point on, they were the dominant team on the map by forcing exchanges and taking towers. Their opponents had the perfect response and slowed down the game, allowing CN Handong 'Caomei' Wei's Irelia to farm-up. This would later pay dividends as the same Irelia, with the help of the baron buff, decimated the EU Fnatic line-up. Mentally crushed, the Europeans succumbed to the overwhelming pressure from CN World Elite and gave them the win in game 2.


After losing the last game EU Fnatic 's mental strength was in shambles as they made mistake after mistake. This resulted in quite the number of early kills for their opponents who comfortably capitalized on the circumstance and pulled even further ahead. EU Fnatic never really seemed to find their way back into the match as all their efforts got completely shut down. The final fight on bottom lane sealed the deal for the Chinese as CN World Elite were crowned champions of the IGN Pro League League of Legends tournament.



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