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Balance testing and its first consequences

By Tobias 'noxilicious' .
Dec 2, 2012 15:43

ImageAbout one and a half week ago, Blizzard applied a custom version of Antiga Shipyard to give some changes a try. Apparently the feedback given by the community caused the changes to be withdrawn partly.

The changes for fungal growth have been set into the previous state once again. As the community manager Kaivax said, the changes to fungal growth were too much of a change. Psionic units being immune to fungal growth is no longer an option and some other changes have been made.

This time the infested Terrans have been slightly nerfed. The eggs of them will spawn with 20 less health (80 instead of 100). Blizzard wants to see if the opponents will be able to kill some of the eggs before they even spawn and therefore cause danger. The changes to the Raven (Heat Seaker Missilies need no upgrade anymore) are still the same.

So Blizzard's 'solution' to the fungal growth situation is to change the infested Terrans. However, Blizzard doesn't see balance issues at all, so it seems a legit solution from their perspective, but will these changes really help to change the curren situation?




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