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IPL 5 - Day 1 Recap

By Philip 'tSoPAL' Leber
Dec 1, 2012 17:43

ImageThe IPL 5 has started and the groupstages were played. Find out who made it to the winners bracket and who has to fight for a small chance in the losers bracket.

Group A - Results

In group A surprisingly Azubu Blaze was dropped into the loser's bracket, a place most would say does not fit them, while World Elite and Fnatic, each having two wins, moved into the winner's bracket. Team Dynamic was also sent to the loser's bracket after they didn't win any of their games.

Group B - Results

Both CLG teams ended their first matches in their favour which made them clash vs each other next. The European team was once again victorious in the match up and topped the group. In the losers match Fear won over IceLanD, sending them to the loser's bracket, but they followed them there after they lost to CLG.NA in their next match.

Group C - Results

It turned out that Curse.EU was performing better than their "brother" team Curse.NA since they were able to move into the upper bracket together with the champions of the last IPL, TSM. The rest of the group though, consisting of the Singapore Sentinels and Meat Playground, had to fight in the lower bracket.

Group D - Results

Last but not least was the group promising games that could also take place in the final. M5 and TPA were the respective winners of their first games and they faced off again after the Season 2 World Championship semi-final. The World Champions were once again the better team and they got the first place in the group. M5 managed to take the second spot for the winner's bracket, while Curse and Blackbean had to head to the loser's one.

Winner's bracket Round 1

The first two matches of it were played on day 1. M5 and World Elite who have been scrimming each other during the Russians' stay in China prior to IPL 5 faced each other and the Chinese team came on top 2-0, confirming that they have prepared really well for the tournament and that M5 have lost their almost untouchable on LAN state. The other game was a rematch from MLG Dallas as CLG.EU took on TSM and once again proved to be the stronger team with a 2-0 score.



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