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IPL 5 - Day 2 Recap

By Irena 'curlychan' Pencheva
Dec 1, 2012 19:00

ImageHalf of the IPL 5 League of Legends tournament is already over, but the most exciting and important matches are yet to come. Read on to get up to date with the results from the second day!

One of the most exiting tournaments in League of Legends' competitive history is currently being held in Las Vegas, Nevada. 16 teams have gathered to fight for the $ 100 000 prize pool, but by now some of them have already left the competition. Let's have a look at how things have unfolded in the second day of IPL 5.

Loser's bracket Round 1

The second day started and it was time for some of the teams to leave the competition. In the two NA only matches US Meat Playground and US Team Curse sent home US Team FeaR Gaming and US Dynamic respectively after 2-0 wins. The other two games had only Asian teams but there was a huge gap in their skill level - KR Azubu Blaze and SG Singapore Sentinels rather easily won with a 2-0 score against TH Blackbean and HK IceLanD .

Winner's bracket Round 1

The winner's bracket continued on day 2 with Season 1 World Champions vs Season 2 World Champions. Despite everyone's bets in the pregame show were for TW Azubu Taipei Assassins, EU Fnatic showed us one of the biggest surprises of the event convincingly winning 2-0. They completely dominated the first match and came back from quite bad early game in the second demonstrating that their DreamHack Winter win wasn't just a fluke.

At the same time EU Team Curse EU were facing US Counter Logic Gaming . The NA powerhouse got the first game, but Curse.EU came back in the second after a baron steal with Ashe's Volley. Unfortunately for the European team that wasn't enough and they lost the third game. That sent them to the loser's bracket where today they will meet their "brother" team Curse.

Loser's bracket Round 2

We saw two of the games from this round last night. In the first one RU Moscow Five led by RU Alexey 'Alex Ich' Ichetovkin's AP Yi sent Meat Playground packing, while US Team SoloMid once again couldn't take even a game off a Korean team. Blaze increased the TSM vs Korea score to 0-11 though we have to admit the first game was pretty close until a perfectly landed hook by KR Ham 'Lustboy' Jang-sik turned the tides in favour of Blaze. With that loss TSM are out of the tournament, proving that they have lost their edge and that CA George 'HotshotGG' Georgallidis was right when he said CLG.NA would place higher than them at IPL 5.

The other two matches from this round continue today at 19:00 CET, followed by the winner's bracket semi-finals and loser's bracket round 3 and 4.

You can check all the results here!



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