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Bigben releases accessories for the brand new Wii U

By Patrick 'Pad93' Strack
Dec 2, 2012 19:12

ImageThe well known third party developer Bigben Interactive announced their new products which will be available in a few days, together with the release of the Wii U

The brand new console from Nintendo, Wii U, will be released tomorrow and of course you will need stuff like cases to protect the revolutionary touchscreen controller which opens new doors in the console history.

For those who like to have as much hardware as they can get should buy the "Wii U starter pack". The pack includes a screen foil which protects your gaming pad from casing scraper, an antistatic cleaning cloth, a stylus and stereo in-ear headphones. And with the "GamePad Storage Case" you can protect the complete gamepad. You can also order all these things particular.



If you want to protect your gamepad while playing you should have a closer look on the "Polycarbonat case" and the "Silicon Glove". These cases are protecting your gamepads from disadvantages without disturbing you while playing your favourite game.
Head over to Bigben Interactive for more brand new staff for your console!



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