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Riot Releasing Season 2 Shoutcasters

By Dan 'Danheim' Greeno
Nov 29, 2012 02:43

ImageRiot has informed non-Riot employed casters that they will not be needed for Season 3.

With Riot gearing up for the beginning of Season 3 it appears that there is more going on behind the scenes than just balance issues and item reworks. According to digiWombat (aka: Randall "Wombat" Fitzgerald) via his Twitter page he has been informed by Riot that they will not be employing him or any other non-Riot shoutcasters for the duration of Season 3.

"So looks like after December I may be forced into eSports casting retirement. AH WELL! Two years is a good run, yeah? :D

Riot is putting a lock down on the tournament scene for S3 and I do not work for Riot. Not really interested in casting non-LoL."

Although it's hard to tell if this is a finalized decision from Riot it appears that way if they've already started informing casters of their intentions, and with no official announcement from Riot nor a list of whom they have hired or intend to employ it's hard to speculate on how this will effect the scene. Will some of our most beloved casters be pushed out the door?

Only time will tell, but stick with SK as we work to keep you updated on the situation and who you'll be seeing live during Season 3.



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