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Revival leaves TSL

By Tobias 'noxilicious' .
Nov 28, 2012 13:37

ImageThe Korean scene is not getting a chance to rest, every day has some new surprises for the teams. Team SCV Life is suffering the second loss of an important player within a single week.

Six seasons in the GSL, a Zerg joker the whole time and a total of 38 appearances in the Global Starcraft II League are just some of the reasons why KR Dong Hyung 'RevivaL' Kim was quite important for his team. He was one of the first members for Team SCV Life since it has been founded.

19 of the 38 GSL appearances of Revival were a success as he was able to win them. As these statistics show, he has been one of the most frequently playing players within the team.

However, Revival felt that he needed a new start. He was feeling too comfortable with his team which made him think that he won't be able to improve anymore. Foreign and Korean tournaments are important for Revival and he wants to be able to participate in as many tournaments as possible. He will practise at home until he was found a new team.

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