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IPL 5 Preview: the North American conglomerate

By Max 'Rehlyt' Cranston
Nov 27, 2012 22:31

ImageIPL 5 is running from November 29 through December 2, 2012 in Las Vegas! Here is a look at the various squads representing North America who are vying for their share of $100,000.

Yesterday we presented you the European teams who are flying to Las Vegas in order to try and take the IPL 5 champions title, today it's time to turn our attention toward the teams competing on their home turf.

1. US Dynamic


These perennial underachievers are definitely major underdogs coming into IPL 5. They placed second in numerous tournaments during season 2: MLG Spring Championship, TSM NA Invitational, Leaguepedia NA Invitational and IGN ProLeague Elites. Building upon their experience, they qualified for Season 2 NA Regionals only to be swept by Dignitas 2-0. After their disappointing finish in the Regionals, a team shakeup saw AD Carry CA Derek 'zig' Shao replaced by former TSM.evo AD Carry DontMashMe. At IPL 5 they will be looking for their first win since July when they took the gold at the Leaguecraft ggClassic.

Dynamic compete in a rather strong group that includes Team WE, Azubu Blaze and Fnatic and the last two have seemed unbeatable recently. They will be hard-pressed to leave the group stage.

2. US Team Curse


Curse has been the subject of much discussion after the recent changes to their lineup. They enter the tournament featuring a brand new support to the scene named Rhux and the former CLG Prime player in toplane - Voyboy. Curse seems to have settled into their gaming mansion and are currently playing at the top of their game. A narrow defeat at the hands of powerhouse CLG.EU at the Lone Star Clash 2 only serves to feed their hunger for a win. After winning Solomid Series 4, Curse finished first at the Solomid Series 5 just before IPL 5.

Curse is in a group with M5, TPA and the enigmatic Blackbean. If they can take advantage of M5's recently flawed play they have a good chance at making it out of the group stage. No matter the result, Elementz will be there in spirit to cheer them on and have a good time in Vegas.

3. US Meat Playground


Though they have a reasonable amount of experience, Meat Playground have not translated that into much success. With an impressive win over Invictus Gaming in qualifications they earned their entry to IPL 5. They have played in many of the Solomid Series tournaments and most recently they eliminated TSM 2-1 during Solomid Series 5. They come into IPL 5 looking for their first major tournament win, and in order to do so they will have to play their best and have a little luck on their side. They are one of the youngest teams at IPL 5 competing against some of the best teams worldwide.

Meat Playground find themselves in a group of death with TSM, Curse.EU and Singapore Sentinels - their chances at advancing hinges on their opponents committing grave mistakes. The odds of that occurring are not great.

4. US Team FeaR Gaming


Nov 1st, Team FeaR acquired the players from the former Monomaniac Ferus team: Aphromoo, mandatorycloud, Muffinqt and Xmithie. Along with Zuna, a former Jungler for CLG.Black, they finished second place at Solomid Series 4 and NESL Pro Series Season 4, and fourth at Lone Star Clash 2. They look to build upon their recent top finishes with a big win at IPL 5. Aphromoo is indisputably one of the best AD Carries in the world and he tends to play some of the less popular champions like Varus and Twitch, which earns him some style points. The team builds around his aggressive yet controlled damage style and they are a threat to any tournament they enter.

FeaR are matched up in a group with both CLG teams (Prime and EU) and an unknown team from Hong Kong, IceLanD. They have a good chance at advancing if the team can play "protect the Aphromoo."

5. US Team SoloMid


A team that needs little introduction, TSM finds themselves entering IPL 5 desperate for a win after some recent lackluster performances. They have been around the scene since early 2011 so they can draw upon a wealth of experience no matter the situation. Though they found a good amount of success earlier on in the year (after Dyrus moved onto the team) with a plethora of first place finishes: Leaguecraft ggClassic, IPL 4, GESL, MLG Spring Championship, RoG International Invitational, IPL Face Off and Season 2 Regionals, they have fallen short recently with losses to Azubu Frost and CLG.EU at the Season 2 WC and MLG Fall Championship respectively. CLG.EU will be present at IPL 5 and TSM enter as the reigning champs so they will definitely have payback on their minds.

The TSM crew find themselves as a favorite to advance from their group, aside from a possible upset from fellow NA'ers Meat Playground. If each member sticks to their typical playstyle and they remain mentally focused, they should have a strong showing this tournament. The event will be a good opportunity for Dyrus to prove himself as a threat up top against some of the world's elite players and for TheOddOne to display his consistently good jungling prowess.

6. US Counter Logic Gaming


One of the most experienced teams in the LoL scene, their founder and captain HotshotGG had an interesting prediction: “CLG places higher than TSM (at) IPL5”. We will have to see if the guys from CLG will be able to back this up. There was a major shakeup in October that saw longtime support player Chauster move into jungle after Voyboy left the team. Hotshot returned to top lane which he is familiar with and Locodoco joined the team as support. One of the most skilled ADCs around, Doublelift, will need to put forward a strong performance if CLG hopes to cash in Hotshot’s prediction. Though CLG had a strong 2011 year, the past season was a disappointment in most ways, apart from a recent win at NESL Pro Season 4 a few weeks ago. They will be looking to transfer their recent success into an important win at IPL 5 against teams they have a lot of experience playing against.

CLG Prime will be competing against their EU counterparts but their main worry should be the recent strong play shown by FeaR. Hotshot will attempt to go on a farming rampage out of toplane, can the rest of the team back him up? Chauster seems to succeed at any position and the new-ish botlane combo has shown strong improvement so far - the team's outlook seems promising.


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