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IPL 5 Preview: European contenders

By Irena 'curlychan' Pencheva
Nov 27, 2012 00:09

ImageThe biggest offline event since the Season 2 World Championship is only days away - IPL 5 brings together 16 of the best teams from all over the world. Find out all about the European teams competing in Vegas right here!

Ever since the smashing success of IPL 4 back in April and the announcement about IPL 5 soon after that we have been waiting impatiently for the next tournament organized by the IGN Pro League to finally take place. Between the 29th of November and 2nd of December IPL is hosting epic battles between some of the best League of Legends teams from Europe, North America and Asia in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The tournament is stacked (it won’t be far from the truth comparing it to the Season 2 World Championship even though the prize pool is much smaller) and will have a group stage to start off with. The two top teams from each group will be seeded in a winner's bracket and the other two teams - in a loser's bracket, meaning it's a double elimination tournament. The grand final will be a compelling possible Best of 7 set in which the team from the winner’s bracket starts with a 2-0 advantage.

Have a look at the 4 groups:

Group A

Group B

Group C

Group D

Now let’s do a quick overview of the teams that will represent Europe:

1. RU Moscow Five


Moscow 5 don't need a whole lot of introduction as almost every fan of competitive League of Legends knows about the nearly unbeatable at LAN Russians. With this said though they certainly shook up their reputation with their last two offline appearances at Season 2 World Championship and Tales of the Lane, where they lost to TPA and Curse.EU respectively. While it's far from a shameful thing to lose in the semi-final to the future world champions, Moscow 5 were big favourites going into Season 2 and the loss seems to have affected them deeply.

As before every important LAN event the Russian team has been bootcamping and training hard for the past few weeks. They even denied their invitation to DreamHack Winter in order to go to China, where they played showmatches against World Elite and CN Invictus Gaming and scrimmed them and other Chinese teams probably hoping it will help them against Asian teams this time. It’s been a few months since their last big win at the European Regionals so Moscow 5 will be definitely going after the first place at IPL 5, but not before they face off with TPA from the get-go in their group D.
2. EU


Two months ago replaced their former AD carry and support with Creaton and SuperAZE and started training hard for the upcoming tournaments and eventually Season 3. After convincingly winning the Tales of the Lane tournament in early November and beating Moscow 5 and the currently quite strong line-up of FR Eclypsia there, there were a lot of people convinced that they are finally on a winning streak. Unfortunately things didn’t seem to go their way at DreamHack Winter where they went 1-2 in the group and 1-1 in the following tie-breaker and these results didn’t allow them to get out of the group stage.

Upon returning from Sweden to their bootcamp in Germany team members announced on facebook that they will continue their training with hopes of much better results at IPL 5. In a group that can be regarded weaker than some of the other ones will have the chance to finally prove themselves internationally - if they have what it takes.
Update: With PL Piotr 'SuperAZE' Prokop's sudden departure from the team today, it's highly unlikely that will have a stellar performance unless Patoy brings some real magic with him.
3. EU Counter Logic Gaming EU


CLG.EU are another team that needs no introduction if you have watched at least one major League of Legends tournament this year. Constantly placing in the top 3 of every LAN event they participate in, the European powerhouse is looking for another top spot finish but it’s very likely that they will meet a strong Asian team or two on their way for the gold and they had some troubles with those lately. What’s more, they also just lost the DreamHack Winter final against Fnatic, a team they had always beat till now offline, and this may have shaken up their confidence a bit.

CLG.EU are in group C which is considered rather easy for them despite the fact that no one knows what cheese CA George 'HotshotGG' Georgallidis may come up with against his “brother” team. One thing is for sure though – everyone hopes that they can finish their games fast enough before the internet decides to drop as it seems to be the curse of their recent matches.
4. EU Fnatic


After the unfortunate loss of sponsors who would have paid their trip to Las Vegas EU Team ALTERNATE had to withdraw from participating at IPL 5 and Fnatic was chosen to fill in their spot as they got the second place at the qualifier that Alternate won. Great news for the team as they are now able to carry their momentum from their DreamHack Winter win and try their best against the NA and Asian teams as well.

Fnatic are currently playing with Rekkles as AD carry – a 16 years old Swede with phenomenal skills, who due to age restrictions won’t be able to participate in Season 3 with them, but will be competing for the European team till the end of this year. It’s up to them to take the most they can out of the time they have left with him but it should be noted that their last international event was MLG Anaheim back in June. What’s more, they have a pretty tough group which includes the strongest Chinese and one of the best (if not the best) Korean teams, so even taking a top 2 spot in the group would be a great success.

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