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DH Winter Semi-Finals: Fnatic vs SSS

By Daniel 'DanielPY' Yordanov
Nov 23, 2012 17:53

ImageAfter a very successful group stage run, Fnatic had to face the champions of the BYOC tournament - Seven Seasick Seamen. The Swedes had the home field advantage but would that be for them to take down the European powerhouse?

The Swedish team led by's recent substitute Jree put up a good fight and showcased some nice mechanic and strategic action.

Game 1

EU Fnatic vs SE Sju Sjösjuka Sjömän

Fnatic: Diana, Katarina, Olaf

SSS: Vayne, Xin'Zhao, Blitzcrank

Fnatic: Orianna, Cho'Gath, Corki, Zyra, Malphite

SSS: Irelia, Ahri, Nunu, Ezreal, Lee Sin

The first semi-final got off to an interesting foot as both teams stuck together before the minions spawned. Unfortunately for the viewer, there were no confrontations and everyone returned to their respective lanes. The Seasick Seamen were the first to pull off a successful gank as they took first blood on Zyra. Immediately after, Cyanide’s Cho’gath helped Corki get two quick kills and turn the tables. Minutes later the same situation occurred but this time Fnatic only managed to eliminate Lee Sin. Feeling safe after killing the jungler, the team regrouped and took the gold lead by slaying the dragon. Cyanide was absolutely brilliant throughout the whole laning phase as he managed to land almost every single rupture onto the enemy.

The Swedes stepped up their game as they took advantage of sOAZ’s failed Malphite Ultimate Unstoppable Force on middle, grabbed two kills and brought down their opponent’s turret. Despite this play the Seamen committed to a horrible engage at bottom tri-brush as Fnatic devastated them and Ahri was the only left survivor. Quickly dispatching baron Nashor, xPeke and his team once more destroyed SSS in a team fight in the toplane and quickly ended the game.

Winner: EU Fnatic

Game 2

EU Fnatic vs SE Sju Sjösjuka Sjömän

Fnatic: Katarina, Diana, Zyra

SSS: Xin’Zhao, Lee Sin, Malphite

Fnatic: Cho’Gath, Oriana, Blitzcrank, Ezreal, Rengar

SSS: Shaco, Fiddlesticks, Jayce, Syndra, Irelia

As you can see the second game featured some quite unorthodox picks by the Swedes. First blood did not take long as nRated once again showcased a beautiful rocket grab which Rekkles capitalized on. Moments later a 2 for 1 exchange occurred on bot lane again in favour of Fnatic. Despite the sloppy start, Kottenx’s Shaco managed to decrease to gold lead of their opponents by pulling off some nice ganks onto mid and bot lane. Unfortunately for the Swedes, Cyanide was always at the right place and time as he once again secured two kills with the help of Rekkles and afterwards took down dragon to further push his team forward. Fnatic exploited their advantage in any way they could resulting in an absolute dominance in all lanes.

TheSswedes could not stand the pressure as they lost two members in an exchange on mid and consequently two mid turrets. A final act of desperation by Shaco and Fiddlesticks to take down Cho’Gath on bot lane turned into a horrible team fight which left the Seamen crippled. Without even taking baron buff, Fnatic marched on and destroyed the enemy nexus to secure their place in the DreamHack Winter 2012 League of Legends Final.

Winner: EU Fnatic

The second semi-final is scheduled to start at 19:00 CET. Do not miss the League of Legends action as the winner of that match will face EU Fnatic in the Grand Finals!



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