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DreamHack Winter: Last group matches

By Irena 'curlychan' Pencheva
Nov 23, 2012 11:58

ImageTwo teams have emerged victorious from the BYOC Qualifier and the second day of the DH Winter League of Legends tournament starts with their matches against the other teams. Full match recaps are here for you!

The teams that came out on top from the BYOC are DK Copenhagen Wolves and a Swedish team going by the name "Sju Sjösjuka Sjömän" or "Seven seasick seamen", featuring SE Alexander 'Jree' Bergström and SE Markus 'kottenx' Tingvall. For the first couple of hours of the second day of DreamHack we will see them trying to get at least two wins from the "bigger" teams in order to be able to get out of the group stage and into the semi-finals. Note that two matches are played at the same time, one from group A and one from group B, but only one of them is streamed.

Group A

Group B

EU Counter Logic Gaming EU vs SE Sju Sjösjuka Sjömän

CLG.EU: Zyra, Lee Sin, Nunu

SSS: Anivia, Irelia, Blitzcrank

CLG.EU: Ezreal, Cho’Gath, Leona, Rumble, Lux

SSS: Olaf, Corki, Shen, Janna, Diana

CLG.EU started the game with a late 4-man invade on the enemy blue buff which lead to first blood for Froggen. SSS responded quickly with a gank on Wickd in top lane and took him out. Snoopeh though came there immediately and managed to trade 1 for 1 with Shen. The heavy ganking continued with Snoopeh visiting bot lane, where Jree died, and another death for Wickd in top lane when Olaf and Shen dived him once again.

The first bigger engagement happened near the dragon pit. CLG.EU, armed with so much more experience, managed to get 3 clean kills and the dragon. When it respawned SSS left it uncontested for the European superstars and instead went for their second top turret. CLG.EU got there in the fastest way possible and engaged but SSS managed to escape with their lives until they decided to stop for their red buff and got caught there, losing two of their members.

From there onward CLG.EU were completely in the driving seat. They won another team fight 3-0, picked up baron and got the mid inhibitor. Despite SSS engaged on them when they were retreating and got a kill on Froggen, it was far from enough and CLG.EU aced them with ease which allowed them to charge the Swedish team's base, destroy the nexus and top the group with a 3-0 score.

Winner: CLG.EU

Group B: Crs.EU lost their offstream match against Copenhagen wolves and are 1-2 in the group, risking not to continue to the semi-finals!

ES Giants vs SE Sju Sjösjuka Sjömän

Giants: Diana, Katarina, Nunu

SSS: Irelia, Jax, Olaf

Giants: Kassadin, Rengar, Lulu, Shyvana, Sivir

SSS: Lee Sin, Ezreal, Blitzcrank, Zilean, Xin Zhao

After no early aggression first blood came after a gank mid by Shyvana in which Kassadin got the kill on Zilean. SSS immediately responded with a gank bot where they grabbed one kill. Shyvana then visited the mid lane once again and Zilean fell for the second time. Kottenx ganked bot again as well and got a kill for his team before both AP carries joined the fight, which ended 3-1 for the Swedish team. Giants on the other hand got the first dragon soon after that.

Even though both teams were pretty close in terms of gold and strength SSS started pushing some inner turrets, which led to a 1 for 1 exchange and a bit later to 2 clean kills for them. The big team fight though didn't happen for a few more minutes but when it did, it was a pretty long engage which ended in favour of SSS with 3-0. That allowed them to pick up baron and push Giants' bot inner turret and inhibitor. Only a minute later the Spanish team were rushing mid to try and pick up some turrets and when their Swedish opponents saw that, they immediately went for the "base race". Even though Giants came back they couldn't stop their nexus from falling down and SSS got their first victory.

Winner: Sju Sjösjuka Sjömän

Group B: After a pretty even match Fnatic managed to get the win over Copenhagen wolves and won their group with a 3-0 score. You can check the post-game screen here.

DE Team Acer vs SE Sju Sjösjuka Sjömän

Team Acer: Blitzcrank, Lee Sin, Shen

SSS: Xin'Zhao, Karthus, Irelia

Team Acer: Ezreal, Jayce, Nunu, Gragas, Leona

SSS: Corki, Zyra, Katarina, Malphite, Olaf

The match started with a mirror invade but a mistimed auto attack gave the blue buff to Leona from Team Acer. Eventually the first blood went to the Seamen via a beautiful gank by Olaf. Without hesitation their opponent used this opportunity to bring down the bottom tower at the 4th minute. As both teams swapped their lanes, SSS got the better of the situation as Kottenx and Lumme both grabbed a kill to spearhead the Seamen to the gold lead. The swedes used their advantage to secure a dragon kill and extend their lead even further.

Despite an awful engagement by Acer where they lose two team members they still find a way to sneak a cheeky dragon kill and deny full dominance. A couple of minutes later the swedes forced a fight near top lane with devastating consequences for Team Acer as they lost three team members. After taking the baron buff the Seven Seasick Seamen slowly pushed the mid lane and secured their place in the playoffs where they will face EU Fnatic .

Winner: Sju Sjösjuka Sjömän

Group B: Events in the other group have lead to a three way tie as Fnatic are the only ones who advance to the playoff stage. Both the Russian and German streams will be covering the tie.



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