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DreamHack Winter: Group B

By Michael 'Wtblife' Ardelean
Nov 22, 2012 22:53

ImageGroup B just kicked off with some of the most exciting matches yet to come! Will it be a 2 horse race? Or will the other two teams considered underdogs show some great performances? SK-Gaming bringing u full live coverage of the event!

With Group A done, we're looking forward to Group B. Arguably, this group is the stronger one. With Curse.Eu and Fnatic we surely will see some good League of Legends action. “But what about the other two teams?”, you might think now. Well, the third one clearly is the underdog and the fourth one still has to play through BYOC. However, the question still is: How good are those teams? We'll see soon enough.

Group B

EU Team Curse EU vs EU Fnatic

Curse.EU: Lee Sin, Olaf, Zyra

Fnatic: Jax, Sona, Diana

Curse.EU: Xin Zhao, Lulu, Corki, Shen, Evelyn

Fnatic: Orianna, Jayce, Blitzcrank, Cho'gath, Vayne

The game starts off without anyone going too aggressive. If it was not for Blitzcrank missing his grab at level one, Fnatic would have an early advantage. While Curse almost gave away first blood at level 1, they made it up with a good gank on Orianna for first blood. However, Eve somehow was not able to snowball even though she got a rather good early advantage.

As some time passed by Fnatic was able to build up a solid 2k gold advantage. They decided to engage a fight, which looked quite good early on. But somehow Curse turned the tables and Fnatic looked really bad. Eventually, Corki gets picked up, because of his cocky move and got Vayne a kill to end the fight in an even 4-4.

The second fight erupts and Fnatic are still up 3k gold. Once again they seem to lose but again it turns into an equal 3-3.

The infamous baron dance starts at the 30 minute mark. After several missed grabs Blitzcrank manages to grab in Eve and she drops instantly. Afterwards Fnatic manages to shred through 4 more members and get an easy Baron out of it. With baron Fnatic push mid and manage to catch Shen and Xin off guard. With 2 members dead they are able to push through the base and finish the game.

Winner: Fnatic

EU Team Curse EU vs EU The Mighty Midgets

Curse.EU: Lee Sin, Olaf, Zyra
The Mighty Midgets: Jax, Diana, Katarina

Curse.EU: Xin Zhao, Cho'Gath, Ezreal, Lux, Sona
The Mighty Midgets: Orianna, Lulu, Irelia, Rengar, Corki

The game started off with both teams trying to prevent enemy aggression and setting up pretty defensive. We saw some lane swapping as both the AD Carries and Supports went to the top lane, leaving their solo lane at bot.

First blood came in favor of Curse.EU after a successful gank top by Malunoo's Xin Zhao. This move seemed like a catalyst for all the events that came next: Curse were securing one global objective after another and soon enough The Mighty Midgets were cornered and trailing with a huge deficit in gold and map control.

In a desperate attempt to equalize the result, the Midgets went forward to losing every teamfight or skirmish they engaged, scoring only one kill in the entire game and losing a pretty one-sided game.

Winner: Curse.EU

EU Fnatic vs EU The Mighty Midgets

Fnatic: Jax, Rengar, Ezreal
The Mighty Midgets: Orianna, Cho'Gath, Katarina

Fnatic: Vayne, Malphite, Blitzcrank, Xin'Zhao, Zyra
The Mighty Midgets: Lee Sin, Diana, Lulu, Ashe, Shen

The game began in an explosive manner as both teams exchanged four kills right from the start! Fnatic opted for a swap as Vayne and Blitz headed top. Unfortunately, this gave MM enough confidence to secure a brave early dragon and also bring down the bot tower. A fight at the 9th minute mark seemingly went in Mighty Midget's favor, but their opponents quickly retaliated by grabbing three kills. The game went into a standstill as both teams toned down the aggression for the next couple of minutes. Taking advantage of nRated's excellent rocket grabs, Rekkles managed to eliminate two opposing players as his team took the gold lead for the first time in the game.

A poor engage by sOAZ on bot lane turned good as Mighty Midgets overextended and gave up two kills to none. Consequently, Fnatic took their second bot turret, the drake and sealed their dominance. Mighty Midgets tried to force fights in an effort to balance the game but their opponents punished every single attempt. With such an immense advantage, Fnatic laid final siege and took down the enemy nexus.

Winner: Fnatic

This concludes the matches as Day 1 of DreamHack Winter 2012 comes to an end. Join the epic battles tomorrow from 10:00 CET when will face off against one of the teams who qualified from the BYOC tournament.



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