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Eternum Nocturne and Arclight Varus coming soon!

By Patrick 'Dragonnidh' Koglgruber
Nov 22, 2012 17:04

ImageRiot released the two new skins, Eternum Nocturne and Arclight Varus, on the PBE. Here are the splasharts.

Eternum Nocturne is the first legendary skin for Nocturne, so they changed his particles, his voice, his abilities'animations and his jokes/taunts/moves. So far the best Nocturne skin for me. It will cost 1850 RP like the other Legendary Skins

"A fearsome shadow is about to fall upon the Fields of Justice as the extraplanar, Legendary Eternum Nocturne tears through space and time to cull those who do not belong. He lingers yet, waiting and watching, but he’ll soon be ready to cast a shroud of darkness over your battles."


The 2nd skin that Riot will be releasing soon is Arclight Varus. In it they have changed the particles, but his voice stays the same, so does his taunt and jokes. It will probably cost 1350 RP like Dragontrainer Lulu.



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