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Elementz benched by Team Curse, replaced by Rhux

By Max 'Rehlyt' Cranston
Nov 22, 2012 02:30

ImageTeam Curse has been doing some shakeups recently, replacing 2 of of their 5 members as Season 3 is just on the horizon.

It's on twitter, so it must be official! CA Cody 'Elementz' Sigfusson tweeted earlier today:

"Bench me once shame on me.. Bench me twice.. Shame on YOU! haha. No worries people it's all good. Relax and time will tell (:3)"

US Team Curse has been shuffled recently, US Joe 'Voyboy' Esfahani joined them Nov 1st replacing US Jon 'Westrice' Nguyen(and US Trevor 'Salce' Salce). They have never lacked depth of talent at top lane, but as for bottom, the tandem of Elementz and US David 'Cop' Roberson has been a mainstay for quite some time. Elementz joined the team nearly a year ago, Dec 19th 2011, a day before Cop. Elementz shares a similar history with US Brandon 'Saintvicious' DiMarco and Voyboy as all were "benched" by US Counter Logic Gaming and ended up finding a place with Curse.

With Elementz gone (for the time being), Curse has filled his spot with US Keenan 'Rhux' Santos, a rather unheralded player. Last season he was at 2800 ELO and he is currently listed as 193rd on the solo queue ranking board. He won the Curse 1v1 tournament and was invited for a tryout with the team. He fared well in the last tournament Curse played, SoloMid Series - Week 4 and they ended up winning. Team Curse beat newly formed Team FeaR (previously US Monomaniac eSports Ferus) and Rhux was praised for his strong play throughout the tournament by both shoutcasters and fans.

An AMA with Rhux can be found here.

@RhuxLOL on Twitter.

Next up, Team Curse goes to IPL 5 with their new roster after inheriting the spot from the now disbanded US Team SoloMid EVO. IPL runs from Nov 29th to Dec 2nd in Las Vegas!



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