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Balance testing for Wings of Liberty

By Tobias 'noxilicious' .
Nov 21, 2012 16:28

ImageBlizzard is asking for help and feedback from the community as they want to test some recent changes they implemented on a custom version of Antiga Shipyard. Apparently the infestors have been nerfed and the ravens have been buffed.

The balance has been a problem in Starcraft II ever since. Some time ago many people agreed that there was a good balance in the game but Blizzard decided to do some other changes. Ever since then Zergs and Protoss have been dominating likewise, leaving not much chances to win for the Terrans. And according to Blizzard they still don't see "significant balance issues".

However, Blizzard decided to implement two changes to a custom version of Antiga Shipyard called "Antiga Shipyard (1.5.3 Balance)". Everyone will be able to test this new version to find out if the changes help. Two changes for two units have been made:

1. Fungal Growth no longer affects psionic units.

This will increase the potential of the High Templars and the Ghosts as they won't be affected by that anymore. It will also benefit many Protoss units like the Mothership, Dark Templars, Archons and sentries.

2. Raven's seeker missile no longer requires upgrade.

As Justin Browder said in a recent interview, he thinks that teching to the seeker missilies might take too long and is too hard. With the second change Blizzard wants to give Terrans a new option in the TvZ late game, but it could also prove useful for TvP mid game pushes.

If you have feedback for Blizzard, make sure to post it here!




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