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MMA and Cella join Team Acer

By Tobias 'noxilicious' .
Nov 20, 2012 21:04

ImageThe Starcraft II roster from Team Acer gets some Terran support. As there are mostly Zerg players in the lineup, it is quite a surprise that one of the best Terrans is picked up as well as one of the well known coaches from Korea.

One of the most known Terran and a well known Korean coach join Team Acer today. With KR Seong Won 'MMA' Mun and KR Seung-Pyo 'Cella' Hong joining, the roster from Team Acer gets a huge skill boost.

Both players are well known and don't need a lot of introduction. MMA has won two GSL championships, MLG Columbus and the IEM VI event in Kiev. He is known for his strong macro, insane micro and interesting tactics. Rumours were saying that he might go to Team Evil Geniuses or Axiom eSports where some of his former team mates joined recently.

His former SlayerS coach Cella will also join Team Acer as a coach. He is known for his great personality and his stream.

Apparently both Koreans are happy to join such an organisation like Team Acer. It will be interesting to see how these two will do within the roster. One could think that it will help the other players in the roster and a Terran training partner might be good for all the Zergs in Team Acer.

Statement by MMA
"I am very happy to have met the people and the team. I didn't expect that I would meet people like them. Because of these people and this great environment, I will be able to show great results and I will work hard. Please look forward to my future successes and cheer for me. Team Acer Fighting!"

Statement by Cella
"Choosing the right team is worrisome and problematic, so I'm really happy to be moving to Team Acer.

I was very worried about adapting to a new team, so I really couldn't pick which would be the right team for me. But it was Force Panda Fred's encouragement which moved me and drove me to a decision. I had a lot of talks with Acer and since it sounds like our goals and desires match quite well, I've got no regrets about the decision. We'll do nothing but work hard to achieve those goals. Although right now I cannot say what kind of results I'll show you, I can say that I'll strive to show you something.

With Team Acer, it feels like I'll have more opportunities to shine, and the opportunity for a bright future. Also, I'd like to put every bit of power I have into working hard with them, because there's no doubt that we'll all work hard for the team.

Finally, I want to say "I love you" to SlayerS Jessica, who even now has sacrificed so much and put in so much effort and so much of her heart. And to Yohwan, who was always the encouraging pillar of support when things were hard, and was always able to see the road ahead and light the way when things seemed dark, I want to say that I will forever be grateful.

Now I will accomplish my unrealised dreams with Team Acer, the team that everyone loves and respects. And I will strive to become Acer | Cella."

More statements and some additional information can be found on the Team Acer website.

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