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Fnatic win Dominance #1

By Daniel 'DanielPY' Yordanov
Nov 20, 2012 01:13

ImageAfter three very exciting games Fnatic take home 1,000$ and all the bragging rights as they beat I Want Cookie in the Dominance #1 Finals.

Both teams went into the tournament with a substitute in their line-ups - Rekkles as Fnatic's AD Carry and Amazing as IWC's jungler, but that did not stop them from crushing their respective sides of the bracket. Shushei and the gang managed to beat M5 and EU Fnatic were yet to drop a map as the contenders prepared for the final showdown.

The first match opened up perfectly for EU Fnatic as they managed to catch I Want Cookie in the mid brush. After an intense 5v5 fight, Rekkles' Vayne walked away with three kills and an assist giving them a beautiful head start. Seconds later a brilliant blue buff steal from nRated forced a fight which ended with Vayne scoring an additional double kill. Unfortunately for Shushei's team that was just the beginning. All of their lanes got severely outplayed as the score reached 10-1 kills on the 6th minute mark in favour of Fnatic. The domination extended to such a degree that I Want Cookie forfeited the match on the 12th minute. An absolutely explosive start of the final!

The second game was a whole different story. The synergy between Rekkles and nRated gave results as they managed to snatch an easy first blood. This time Shushei's lads fought valiantly and manged to equalize the game with some nice bot lane exchanges which toned down Fnatic's aggression. The full turnaround came on the 13th minute as I Want Cookie won a great engagement near dragon pit and after grabbing the kills managed to secure the extra gold by slaying the beast as Fnatic were in full retreat. Even though I Want Cookie had map control, both teams frequently exchanged kills. One of these lead to the destruction of Fnatic's mid inhibitor as it was already clear that it was their opponent's game to lose. In an act of desperation xPeke's team tried to force a fight near Nashor. Their efforts finally paid off with Cyanide stealing it with a beautiful Flash - Smite combo but unfortunately this exchange left only Vayne and Shen alive. With just two enemy champions left alive, Shushei and his Lux charged and took down the enemy Nexus.

The final game of the series started off rather calm. Both teams decided to opt for a more defensive approach. Despite that, Cyanide pulled a successful gank on top lane securing the first blood onto YoungBuck. Just as in the previous game, I Want Cookie displayed brilliant teamwork and managed to balance the game once again as their jungling Cho'Gath grabbed two kills. From this moment Fnatic decided to take the offensive approach and managed to come on top in an exchange near dragon and consequently also got the gold lead. As the game continued many fights were forced in order for Shushei and his lads to once again swing things in their favour but to no avail. Fnatic's impeccable exchanges and teamwork brought them gold lead, map control and soon - the final game and $1000.

With their heads high, Fnatic secured another tournament. Their next performance will be this weekend at Dreamhack Winter 2012 in Stockholm, Sweden.



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