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Groups and schedule for DreamHack Winter 2012

By Irena 'curlychan' Pencheva
Nov 18, 2012 18:43

ImageWith only a few days left before League of Legends returns to DreamHack the groups for the tournament have been announced as well as some interesting information regarding the teams that take the top 3 spots.

At DreamHack Summer only the grand final of the LoL tournament was played on the main stage named DreamHack Extreme Arena. This time though all matches (except 3) from the main tournament will be played there in front of live audience with Rachel "SeltzerPlease" Quirico hosting the show and Trevor "qu1ksh0t" Henry and Christopher "Panky" Pankhurst commentating the games. DreamHack will also provide a free 720p HD stream for everyone who wants to see some of the best European teams fight for the $ 50 000 prize pool but can't attend in person.

The groups were also announced today, here they are:

Group A

Group B
EU Team Curse EU
EU Fnatic
EU The Mighty Midgets (former TrudniejJuzNieBedzie)
BYOC-team #2

22 November, Thursday: 15:30 CET Group A
22 November, Thursday: 17:00 CET Group A
22 November, Thursday: 18:30 CET Group A
22 November, Thursday: 20:00 CET Group B
22 November, Thursday: 21:30 CET Group B
22 November, Thursday: 23:00 CET Group B

23 November, Friday: 10:30 CET Group A / B
23 November, Friday: 12:00 CET Group A / B
23 November, Friday: 13:30 CET Group A / B

23 November, Friday: 15:30 CET Semifinal #1
23 November, Friday: 19:00 CET Semifinal #2
23 November, Friday: 22:30 CET Grand Final

The BYOC qualifier will start at 17:00 CET on Thursday and its final round will begin at 21:30 CET. From this schedule we can conclude that the matches between the teams that have already qualified and the squads that will receive a spot in the main tournament through the BYOC will be the ones played on Friday.

The most exciting news from the organisers of DreamHack though is that their tournament will be a qualifier for the Season Three European Play-In Tournament. The top 3 teams from DH Winter who have not yet qualified for the Championship Series or the Play-In Tournament will receive an all-expenses paid trip from Riot to the Play-In Tournament where they will fight for a chance of being one of the 8 teams in the European Championship Series.

As this excludes CLG.EU, Curse.EU and Fnatic, Team Acer looks like a definite candidate for one of the 3 spots. Who will be the other 2 lucky teams though, we'll find in just a couple of days!

Source: DreamHack



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