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GomTV is going to be president of ESF

By Tobias 'noxilicious' .
Nov 16, 2012 16:55

ImageOne of the most well known organisations in Korea, GomTV, has announced that the company behind them, Gretech, will be the new president of the eSports Federation (ESF).

ESF is a gaming organisation consisting of the professional gaming teams LG-IM, MVP, Prime, TSL, NSHS and FXOpen. They have been managing ESF through the coaches from their teams and so far it seemed to work. There have been some problems though as coaches were finding it hard to manage both the teams and the organisation. Therefore they asked GomTV to step in a few times before.

Related GomTV personnel said this:
"For quite some time, we were cautious on direct participatory even when they were requesting us to become the president of the organization. We now think that it is a right time to be more active to protect interests of teams and players."

With GomTV as president, it is expected that ESF will gain some more influence and be able to increase and improve the options for all the teams. The new president is looking forward to the tasks at hand.

In Sik Bae, CEO of Gretech commented on the recent change:
"We will do our best to expand not only Korea but the eSports of the world, by pushing the growth of eSports, which was made by efforts of current professional gaming teams. Just as GSL has been promoting its motto to become an open tournament, with ESF we will create an organization that is a pleasure to cooperate with."

There are 10 more concrete visions that GomTV has to improve in ESF and its options:

1. Structured operations of ESF
2. Incorporation of ESF
3. Registering and managing database for teams and players
4. Providing stable environment for team management
5. Expanding social opportunities for fans
6. Improving matches and spectator environments
7. Developing and supporting various games
8. Initiating cooperation with KeSPA
9. Be open to foreign teams and players
10. Cooperation with foreign tournament organizers

Hopefully GomTV will be able to improve the influence and options of ESF as there have been quite a lot of problems in the recent past. They could start working together with the KeSPA and DH, ESL and MLG, who recently announced their partnership. If the new ESF president will be able to change some things though is not certain at this point.

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