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Overview of Zed, Master of Shadows

By Patrick 'Dragonnidh' Koglgruber
Nov 15, 2012 22:03

ImageSince this week Zed, the Master of Shadows, is available to buy in the LoL shop, here is a short overview about his basics and skills. Also there is a short guide (Build + How to play).


Zed grew up as an orphan and was trained by a great ninja master, who had a son - Shen. Zed could never beat Shen, so he ventured into a sealed part of the temple and found an ornate, foreboding box. He felt the darkness inside and he opened it. In an instant revealing techniques touched his mind.

Armed with new power he challenged Shen again and managed to defeat him but instead of being proud of Zed, the ninja master banished him from the temple. Zed traveled around for many years, training other the techniques of shadows, and created his own army. After Zed has grown strong enough he led the army back to the temple, destroyed it and killed the ninja master. From that day on, the temple was used as a training ground for the shadows techniques.


Designed for mid lane, top or jungling, Zed is a versatile adversary built around high mobility and bursts of both attack and magical damage. Here's a overview of his abilities, which are part of the energy resource system found in Kennen, Shen and Akali:


Passive: His basic attacks deal 8 % of the target's maximum health as magic bonus damage when its under 50% health. Can only occur once every 10 seconds on the same target.

- Q - Razor Shuriken: Zed throws a spinning blade forwards, dealing damage to all enemies the blade passes through. If Zed activated Living Shadow, his Shadow will mimic Razor Shuriken.

- W - Living Shadows: Zed sends a shadow in any direction, remaining in place for 4 seconds. He can change position with the Shadow by pressing W again. Zed´s Living Shadow will mimic every ability Zed casts.

- E - Shadow Slash: Zed spins his blades, dealing damage in an area around him and slowing all targets. If enemies are hit by Living Shadows the slowing effect lasts longer.

- R - Death Mark: Zed teleports to a champion in range, projecting 2 shadows behind them, and marking the enemy. After 3 seconds the mark will trigger and deal a percentage of the damage Zed has dealt while the mark was active.


Zed should be played as an melee assassin just like Talon. Use your W to come faster to the enemy AD Carry or AP Carry, then use your ultimate on your target and deal as much damage as possible. To not get killed easily use your ultimate to change your position with the shadow behind Zed.

I recommend a heavy AD build, only with Guardian Angel and Mercury's Treads as defensive items. Build Bloodthirster, Last Whisper, Wits End, Frozen Mallet and the two already mentioned. At least that works fine for me. He is a good counter to champions with skillshots like Lux - just use Living Shadow and escape from the damage.

You can purchase Zed in the shop for 975 RP or 6300 IP. His 2nd skin costs 975 RP, and Zed + 2nd Skin costs 1375 RP.

It's fun playing with him since you can confuse your enemies with your shadows and if you like Talon or Shaco, you will love Zed for sure.



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