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DH, ESL and MLG announce partnership

By Tobias 'noxilicious' .
Nov 15, 2012 20:33

ImageThree of the major tournament organizers announced a big partnership. They want to unify their activities to improve eSports as a whole and take action against some problems.

DreamHack, ESL and MLG will have a partnership for the rest of 2012 and for 2013 in order to improve their efforts and boost eSports even more. They want to benefit the players and spectators, but they also want to eliminate confusion. Additionally the partnership is supposed to help the development of European and North American players.

All three organisations hope that this partnership will be a good example for other organisations and hopefully more will follow suit. The ultimate goal would be to unify all eSports organisations.

All three CEOs are happy that this partnership has been made. They want to improve eSports and try to fix some of the impending issues. With their statements each CEO emphasizes what seems most important to them at the moment.

Robert Ohlén, CEO of DreamHack:
"DreamHack’s philosophy has always been about inclusion and never exclusion. This joint initiative by MLG, ESL and DreamHack is something that will insure the continued growth of eSports that we have been seeing during the past 24 months, for the players, the audience and the industry as a whole."

Ralf Reichert, CEO of Turtle Entertainment GmBH
"We are confident that with this partnership we are shaping the future of our sport. Working with DreamHack and MLG we can create a more manageable and sustainable infrastructure for players that will become the basis for eSports to realize its full potential."

Sundance DiGiovanni, CEO of MLG
"The growth of competitive gaming over the last few years has been staggering and we have now reached the point where we need to align our efforts to advance eSports on a global scale. The collaboration between our organizations is the first step in a united effort to take the sport to the next level while benefiting all of those involved."

The main goals of the partnership can be summarised in four points. This list is not everything that the partnership is about. There will be more details to follow.

Four goals of the partnership
1. Universal Ranking: A universal ranking system across organizations for all major game titles directly impacting seeding and event qualification.
2. Master Tournament Calendar: One event calendar ensuring a minimum or no conflicts to ease players’ schedules and enables fans across the globe to easily spectate.
3. Unified Competition Structure: Development of a unified competition structure for all major titles at all tournaments.
4.Talent and Marketing Efforts: Cross promotion and support for all leagues to drive further awareness for eSports and league activities, as well as a shared roster of commentators and broadcast talent.




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