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Slark joins Dota 2

By Antonio 'tower' A
Nov 15, 2012 01:30

ImageThe newest Dota 2 update brings us Slark as the newest heroe addition to the game and enables the new world heatmap ingame.

Certainly Slark was one of the most expected heroes to join the pool, and now he is here. Despite of adding Slark as the newest heroe addition to the game, Valve implemented world map of online players to the patch. That means you can always check which regions of the world are most active. You can find the ingame heatmap here

Here is the full patchlog for this week's update:
- Added Slark!
- Added a chatwheel for quick communication with teammates!
- Added support for using keyboard templates!

- Tournament Drops are now enabled for all leagues.

- Zombies no longer spawn other zombies from a stolen Tombstone.

- Added a form for soliciting new chatwheel options.
- Added world heatmap for seeing where current players are located.
- Abilities and items bound to alt-combinations now display as such.

- Fixed Nightstalker losing his wings at night.

Source: Dota 2 Development Forums



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