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The Defense #3 announced

By Samuel 'DarthBotto' Horton
Nov 13, 2012 06:55

ImageThe Defense, which remains one of the most popular international online tournaments in the Dota 2 scene, has been announced for a third season and an increased prize pool.

The fan favorite online Dota 2 tournament that has had a special place in everyone's hearts since the early beta stage has returned for a third season. The Defense with return with a prize pool nearly doubled from the previous season and with more teams invited. Beginning near the end of this month, invited teams, as well as those qualified will be fighting for a slice of the 20,000 USD prize pot, with 10,000 USD going to the winner. Thanks to the generosity of two new sponsors, joinDOTA has the extensive capability to widen the spectrum of the event.

Beginning in the general proximity of this time last year, the first season of The Defense ran for four months and was the first time spectators had the chance to see DK SK Gaming in action. The season ended with a firm victory from The International champions, UA Natus Vincere . The second season, however, saw Na'Vi hit a slump in their overall performance, leaving the Ukrainians in the early playoffs and allowing for US compLexity Gaming to gain the first gold medal.

This new season will feature an array of new faces to the scene, including the fledgling squad of US Fnatic NA, who are still developing their skills and tactics. This tournament will also be an opportunity for redemption, namely Na'Vi, who failed to take home any prize money and will surely be looking to further assert their position as the dominant team of Europe. In terms of difference in skill and performance from the last tournament, EU Fnatic EU will also be looking to prove their worth in the international scene, considering the faulty performance from the last tournament, as well as the drastic change in performance over the course of the past nine months.

Invited teams
RO Absolute Legends
BR CNB e-Sports Club
US compLexity Gaming
US Evil Geniuses
SE eVodota2^
EU Fnatic EU
US Fnatic NA
DK Gamer University
EU KaiPi
EU MeetYourMakers
EU mTw
UA Natus Vincere
SE No Tidehunter
SE Pulse Esports
US ROOT Gaming
FR ShiBa Gaming
US Team Dignitas
RU Team Empire
DE Team Zero
DE uebelst-gamynG
EU We haz Asian

Source: joinDOTA



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