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Introducing Quantic Gaming

By Andrew 'Toxicvip' Fong
Nov 12, 2012 21:10

ImageAs the League of Legends scene continues to explode, new teams are being formed to rival the competition. Quantic Gaming has picked up the team formerly known as Orbit Gaming and nFear. For additional info on what to expect, line-ups and more, just keep reading!

Quantic Gaming is a premier North American competitive gaming & media production company. Founded in 2010, Quantic has turned its attention towards competitive American eSports, with teams competing in StarCraft II, League of Legends and Call of Duty.

On Sunday, Quantic Gaming announced their official leap into the League of Legends professional scene by picking up the team formerly known as Orbit Gaming and nFear. Quantic believes they have forged a talented group with incredible potential, and looks forward to have them represent the Quantic name.

Statement from Mark 'QuanticCinergy' Ferraz, Founder and CEO:

"We've been watching the League of Legends scene develop for quite some time, and like many global teams, have been waiting for just the right time to become involved. Even more important to us than the right time is the right team, something we feel confident we have found in these five outstanding players. They share our organizational values and aspirations, and all of us here at Quantic are very excited to see what the future holds and how much we can achieve together."

The line-up of players includes:

US AP – Zach 'Quantic.Nien' Malhas
US Top – Gabriel 'Quantic.Yazuki' Ng
US Jungle – Hai 'Quantic.Hai' Lam
CA AD – Jason 'Quantic.WildTurtle' Tran
US Support – Daerek 'Quantic.LemonNation' Hart
US Manager – Ferris 'Quantic.AGeNT' Ganzman

This experienced group of players has been playing together since March under the name, nFear. They had a spectacular month of May with the National ESL Go4LoL tournaments by taking first place in Go4LoL Cup #62 and then taking first place in the monthly finals.

In addition, during their time with the Orbit Gaming organization they accomplished first place finishes in the Solomid North American Invitationals and the Leaguepedia Invitational along with second and third place finishes in various other tournaments. Their online tournament success has set them apart from the competition; make sure to keep an eye out for Quantic gaming.



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