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WinFakt disbands, CS:GO team released

By Theo 'zeuSel' Codreanu
Nov 12, 2012 14:44

ImageThe Finnish team is now officially left without a base organisation as WinFakt announced its disbandment earlier today. The team will go under the temporary tag The Hawks, hoping to find financial support until their attendance to DreamHack Winter.

WinFakt was a Belgian-based gaming organisation that opened its doors in mid-2011. The whole organisation was managed by Vincent Mast, with the financial support of his father's company. The reason behind this closure was not related to motivation, as many predicted, but "because of real life commitments". Below you can find the statement of WinFakt's CEO.

"There are several reasons why I quit with Team WinFakt. One that is used in every newspost, lack of motivation, is one of them. But that is NOT the main reason! The reason why I quit is because I dont have the time anymore to do work for Team WinFakt as I have a busy job and a kid to take care of. I could not manage that anymore with Team WinFakt!.

As I decided to quit with Team WinFakt, so my dad decided to quit sponsoring the team in the future. As I was hoping he would continue so that the rest could continue the work, it all ended up bad.

I want to apoligze to all the teams and sponsors as I really didn want the VZW to quit but there wasnt really an option to continue.

I want to wish all the teams goodluck and I really hope the CS:GO team will find a sponsor on time to DHW!"

This move leaves the Finnish CS:GO team without a home, with just a few weeks ahead of DreamHack Winter 2012. WinFakt recently went through some roster changes, seeing FI Hannu 'H^N' Pohjalainen replaced by FI Niko 'naSu' Kovanen.

The Hawks! will make their LAN debut at DreamHack Winter 2012, although it is not sure whether they will make their appearance if no sponsor is found in time.

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