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Invited and qualified teams for DreamHack Winter

By Irena 'curlychan' Pencheva
Nov 11, 2012 23:34

ImageDreamHack Winter 2012 will feature an 8-teams League of Legends tournament and most of the participants are already known. Read on for their names.

DreamHack Winter will take place on 22 and 23 November in Jönköping, Sweden which means the participants will soon start packing for the event. The organisers have recently revealed that they invited the two top teams from DreamHack Summer's tournament to try and defend their spots and EU Counter Logic Gaming EU accepted the offer, but RU Moscow Five sadly declined it. Because of that an invitation was sent to the third place team from the Summer edition - EU Team Curse EU, and they gladly accepted it.

The online qualifiers for the event were played today - one on each of the European servers. In the huge brackets of 256 teams there were no errors allowed because of the single elimination Best of One format. Two teams from each qualifier managed to overcome the competition and came out victorious - EU Fnatic and DE Team Acer from EU West, EU GIANTS Gaming and EU TrudniejJuzNieBedzie from EU Nordic and East.

With that 6 of the participants are already known and all that's left is the Bring-Your-Own-Computer qualifiers who will be held on the spot at DreamHack. From them two more teams will earn the right to play in the main tournament, so if you want to try your luck, the registration has just been opened here.

Update: Today the casters and the host of the event have also been announced. Trevor "qu1ksh0t Henry and Christopher "Panky" Pankhurst will provide us with their best commentary, while Rachel "SeltzerPlease" Quirico will host the tournament, so it promises to be an event you don't want to miss.



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