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Tales of the Lane - Final Thoughts

By Joe 'YouGoJoe23' Staller
Nov 11, 2012 23:17

ImageThe Tales of the Lane tournament has ended and we here at SK want to give you a quick overview of the finals and our thoughts on the matter.

The aptly named "Tales of the Lane" tournament will go down in EU LoL history for many reasons. The funding for the tournament was community driven, and really showed what a force E-sports has become and how willing we are as a community to get behind people we believe in. Secondly the matches between the final 4 teams involved huge plays and major upsets. With the likes of RU Moscow Five and our own EU SK Gaming in the final 4, you may not call a final series between EU Team Curse EU and the somewhat lesser known EU Eclypsia . And what a finals it was!

The semi finals were nothing to scoff at either, with an incredible showing from Eclypsia vs. SK, winning a convincing 2 - 0 victory (if you watch one match from this tournament, make it game 2 of this series, a sub-20 minute victory). Curse.EU were no slouches either, also 2 - 0ing the European super-giant-omega-death team M5. These semi's were an excellent display of skill and good composition selection, and it really shows how much the EU scene and LoL in general has grown. The real story here though is the finals.

The Eclypsia vs. Curse.EU series was one of the closest and craziest series I have ever seen, with game 3 going to a 50+ minute game. It had Fizz, mid-lane Darius, ADC Jayce, FR Natanyel 'Enemyz' Kazoula's DIVEkton, and the return of Spears of Doom courtesy of NL Erik 'Tabzz' van Helvert. I'd be a liar if I said I didn't try and dodge a few of those Nidalee spears myself. In the end there could be only one, and the supremely tight play from Curse.EU won them the day. Congrats to them, it was a well-deserved win, and huge respect to all the teams that competed, especially the final 4 that fought so hard.

You can check out Tales of the Lane's official website here, where you can find out how to contribute and get involved in the next series. Congrats again Curse.EU!




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