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Interview with Luo "Ferrari_430" Fei Chi

By Antonio 'tower' A
Nov 11, 2012 03:31

ImageGosugamers announced new interview where Ferrari talks about his personal life, his future plans for Dota 2 and his thoughts about The International 2 where he won the grand prize of $1.000.000 with his team, iG.

CN Feichi 'Ferrari_430' Luo is known for his amazing performance for his usual role, solo-mid. CN Ferrari_430 won The International 2 this year with his team, CN Invictus Gaming and picked up the grand prize of $1.000.000. In the newest interview that Gosugamers made, he talks about his personal life, his future plans with his team for the game, and the experience he got while playing on the biggest tournament so far.

If you recall one of your earlier games against DK, where you made a blind kill on rotk’s Broodmother at top lane using only the spill damage from your Templar Assassin - was that planned? Tell us more about that moment from your perspective.

"-"Yup, I remember that scene. Since I did not have any true sight on me, I lost vision immediately after I made a meld strike on rOtk’s Broodmother and blinked towards the incoming creep wave.

When I lost vision of Broodmother to her webs, I tried to find the right angle which would allow me to attack her with my passive, which was my third skill, Psi Blades.

On my second attack, I could see the Psi Blade effect appearing behind the creeps with no visible unit and I knew that I had hit Broodmother. Therefore, I tried to estimate his position and a rough angle before I made the third strike (which was the killing blow).

I have to admit that luck did play a significant role since my first strike missed him and I was only able to see that I had damaged him on my second strike.""

Apart from winning The International, what is your fondest achievement to date and why?

"-"It would have to be the World Cyber Games championship title that we just won. I guess you could say that WCG was something that I had always dreamt of winning as a child. From the moment I was exposed to eSports, my goal was to work towards the WCG title.""


Image courtesy of Valve The International 2012 photostream

So... if I may take you back a month or two, do you still remember what your team did together to celebrate your The International victory? What did you do personally?

"-"After our victory at The International, there was a grand celebratory party for us at home. I also remember feeling extremely ecstatic on the flight back to China, but other than that, there was nothing much.""

In your opinion, what was the reason why Na`Vi was able to defeat the top three Chinese teams to win the Upper Bracket?

"-"First and foremost, there is no doubt that every player in Na`Vi are all highly skilled in what they do for the team. They are all outstanding players and it was no surprise that they took down the top Chinese teams at The International.

You can tell that they are a really bold and adventurous team and I think this is due in large part to the amount of confidence they have in themselves. Na`Vi is not afraid at all to test weird heroes or draft weird lineups, and the best part about it is - it works wonders for them.""

Check the full interview Here




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