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Olympus Champions Winter 2012-2013 - Day 2

By Irena 'curlychan' Pencheva
Nov 10, 2012 15:19

ImageSecond day of the Winter season and one of the matches was the MLG Dallas grand final all over again! Full recap of today's games inside!

You can never be bored if you are watching Korean pros play League of Legends. OnGameNet's tournament is proving this again and again no matter if it is the well-known teams playing or the rising stars. In case you missed the games from today, here's a quick recap!

KR Incredible Miracle vs KR KT Rolster Arrows

Game 1

Bans: LG-IM: Zyra, Nocturne, Twisted Fate – KT Rolster A: Anivia, Lulu, Jayce

Picks LG-IM: Orianna, Malphite, Lee Sin, Corki, Leona

Picks KT Rolster A: Sona, Ezreal, Ahri, Dr. Mundo, Rumble

Soon after the game started both junglers ganked top, LG-IM’s Lee Sin took first blood on Mundo and even managed to kill Ahri, who came trying to help her teammates. Soon after that they took the first dragon as well. KT’s first successful gank happened in mid lane, where Ahri took out Orianna. A 4-man gank from KT killed Leona in bot lane. Both Ahri and Mundo got really low, but Corki didn’t land the last hits on them.

The first team fight happened near KT’s inner bot turret. They won it 2-1 and took the dragon as well. A few minutes later LG-IM won the second team fight 3-2 and after respawning went for baron. KT’s Mundo tried to stop them, but didn’t succeed and died. Buffed up after the baron kill LG-IM went for KT’s mid inhibitor and destroyed it, trading a kill with their opponents. At that point LG-IM were pretty ahead already so they quickly returned to sieging KT’s base. Taking the next fight 4-2 and then acing their opponents in the one after that, they forced KT to surrender the game.

Winner: LG-IM
MVP: Ring Troll (LG-IM Jugler)

Game 2

Bans: KT Rolster A: Anivia, Malphite, Ahri – LG-IM: Zyra, Orianna, Twisted Fate

Picks KT Rolster A: Lee Sin, Jayce, Sona, Corki, Cassiopeia

Picks LG-IM: Ezreal, Nocturne, Leona, Rengar, Karthus

The whole team of LG-IM went for KT’s blue, but all of their opponents were there as well. After a lot of poking and staring at each other, LG-IM’s Nocturne finally managed to smite the blue. Some interesting lane swaps occurred after it – LG-IM’s top laner went bot, but KT sent their AP Carry there, while their AD and support went mid. First blood happened in bot lane – Rengar killed Cassiopeia, but she returned the kill with the help of Lee Sin. The blind monk returned for another gank bot and Cassio got another kill.

Soon after that the ADs and supports went to their usual location in bot lane. Lee Sin ganked there once more and both LG-IM’s players died. The first team fight was in mid lane a few minutes later and LG-IM won it 4-1. After that a gank on the farming Ezreal in top lane backfired horribly for KT. They killed the opponent’s AD but Karthus scored a double kill with his ultimate. That made LG-IM go for baron and they were seeing it die any second when Lee Sin came out and stole it like it was no big deal at all. He died for his effort but KT took out Karthus in return.

The baron buff on KT gave them the advantage they needed and they started pushing towers. Despite that LG-IM managed to win the next team fight 3-2. The next two skirmishes though went in favour of KT and that increased their lead way too much for LG-IM to handle it anymore. After all the inhibitors of the latter were destroyed, one last fight and an ace for KT, they won the game.

Winner: KT Rolster A
MVP: ReSEt (KT Rolster A’s Jungler)

KR Azubu Blaze vs KR NaJin Black Sword

Game 1

Bans: NaJin Sword: Kog’Maw, Olaf, Cho Gath – Azubu Blaze: Evelynn, Jayce, Sona

Picks NaJin Sword: Lee Sin, Ezreal, Jax, Karthus, Alistar

Picks Azubu Blaze: Irelia, Lulu, Diana, Vayne, Nocturne

4 players from Sword wanted to invade Blaze’s red buff but the latter had put a ward in the top lane’s tribush and that allowed them to get 3 clean kills on Sword because of the one man advantage. Sword responded with sending Ssong’s Karthus bot and with a fast gang from Watch’s Lee Sin, the former got his first kill. Soon after both ADs and supports were in mid lane and after a great initiation by Cain’s Alistar, Ssong picked up another kill with his ultimate this time. Minutes later a gank by Helios and Ambition in top lane, where the duo lane has moved to, resulted in one kill for them but a double kill with the ultimate for Ssong.

Despite the pretty fed Karthus the first team fight ended with an ace for Blaze and only 2 kills for Sword. Upon respawning the latter immediately went for baron but unfortunately for them, they allowed Helios to steal it. Equipped with the buff Blaze won the next fight 4-2 and when baron came back to life they took it once more. In the last team fight of the game Blaze scored a clean ace and destroyed the nexus, taking the win.

Winner: Azubu Blaze
MVP: Flame (Solo Top)

Game 2

Bans: Azubu Blaze: Evelynn, Zilean, Sona – NaJin Sword: Kog’Maw, Olaf, Cho Gath

Picks Azubu Blaze: Jayce, Zyra, Vayne, Karthus, Nocturne

Picks NaJin Sword: Ezreal, Lulu, Malphite, Lee Sin, Katarina

Cpt Jack and Lustboy went mid, while Ambition who first got his team’s blue buff went bot. First blood was taken by Cpt Jack on Ssong’s Katarina in mid. A couple of minutes later both junglers were lurking around top lane and Ssong was making his way in the same direction. Sword picked up two kills from the fight that happened and MaKNooN survived with a sliver of health. Watch and Ssong then went bot lane and got two kills there as well, followed by the first dragon kill. Helios tried to turn the situation in bot lane in Blaze’s favour but Ssong had other plans, scoring a double kill and graciously giving one to PraY while only Cain’s Lulu died.

The first big team fight happened around the 25 minute and Sword won it 4-2. It maybe made them a little too confident because in the next fight they got aced, while only killing three of the Blaze players. This allowed the two alive members of Blaze to push through the inner and inhibitor turret in mid lane. That made Sword pretty cautious and both teams just lurked around baron for the next few minutes waiting for the perfect opportunity. In the end Sword finally initiated but got only one kill while Blaze aced them once again and pushed fast for the second win in a row.

Winner: Azubu Blaze
MVP: Ambition (AP Carry)



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