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Interview with Bruce Grannec (replay from the final included)

By Valentin 'BetterBG' Georgiev
Nov 10, 2012 23:20

ImageHere is an interview with the SK Gaming player Bruce 'Spank' Grannec, made after his success in the ESWC FIFA Tournament in Paris. You can also watch the final game of that tournament in the article below.

SK Spank vs Ovvvy [ESWC Final]

Has any of the other players impressed you with his skills ?
"At this level, every player has an outstanding skill level. The gameplay his different from player to player, but everybody is very strong. That's the mental who can makes the difference in a game, not really the skill level. Obviously, it's my opinion, but in 7 years, i saw many very good players who didn't managed to go further due to a lack of strong mental. Now if i had to choose a player, i would pick Ovidiu 'Ovvy' Patrascu. He was one of my favorite, as i told you in my interview before ESWC, and he didn't missed his chance. He plays very slowly, he takes his time, and it's very hard to get the ball back. "

Which was the hardest game that you have played ?

"I played a lot very difficult game during the tournament. Everybody will remember the final, and i have to admit that it was the most epic game i ever played. But it's a final, i mean… behind a final, there is nothing. Either you win or either you lose. So i would say my semi final against my compatriot Julien 'Juliiianoooo' Dassonville. It was a Home & Away game, very tense, he knows me perfectly, i had to really play at my best to beat him. And to be a little bit lucky aswell with a corner. "


Are you satisfied with the way you played throughout the tournament ?

"Not completely to be honest. It's the first time that we played so early a major tournament on a new FIFA version, so obviously you don't know perfectly the game. For my first group stage game, i didn't even knew which team and formation to choose. I was, like… lost, so i decided to choose Brazil and a 4-4-2 formation. Without any surprise, i lost 2-0. Then i moved to Real Madrid, in a 4-2-3-1 formation, and everything goes way much better, thanks to my coach zaL who found the words to refocus me on the competition. Luckily he was there for me, otherwise it would have been very difficult. "

The final game against Ovvy, what a thriller, you seemed a little nervous to me, but the last 3 min of the game were like some movie scene. What has been through your mind when he took the lead so late in the game ?

"That your badly engaged for a World Champion title :D. When he scored, i was thinking to myself that i'll now add one ball possession, not more. If i lose the ball, it's finished. So the first thing i made is to move to a new FIFA13 formation : 4-2-4. I never played it with it before, but it didn't matters because what i needed the most was some luck. Miraculously it happened, but you really need to be lucky. "

This time the penalty shoot-out went your way, not like a few months ago when Ramos got you in the FIWC Final. How was your confidence level when you started the shoot-out ?

"I did remembered my penalty shoot-out against Ramos some months ago, but not only. I never won a penalty shoot-out so far in a tournament, so i was not confident at all because it always heads or tails. I know that many people are thinking that I'm not shooting very well in penalty shoot-out, but you always the pressure of a final on your shoulders, so you have to ensure that you're not shooting outside of the goal. That's exactly what i've done, but this time i was a little bit more lucky than in Dubaï. Next time it'll be Ovvy. That's football."




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