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Olympus Champions Winter 2012-2013 - Day 1

By Irena 'curlychan' Pencheva
Nov 9, 2012 19:59

ImageThe third season of OnGameNet's League of Legends tournament kicked off today and already showed us some great games. In case you missed them here's a quick recap!

The first day of the Winter season offered us one set of games from each group. Even though the teams from Group A were two of the big names and the ones from Group B were more like the underdogs, there were exciting plays in all matches. If you want to see the groups and other info about the tournament check this article, while we head straight into today's games!

KR Azubu Frost vs KR Xenics Blast

Game 1

Bans: Xenics Storm: Skarner, Blitzcrank, Maokai – Azubu Frost: Rengar, Jayce, Evelynn

Picks Xenics Storm: Ezreal, Dr. Mundo, Zyra, Shen, Twisted Fate

Picks Azubu Frost: Kog’Maw, Sona, Anivia, Cho Gath, Singed

The game started with the usual Korean lane swaps - Xenics Storm sent their AD and support in top lane. First blood was soon taken by RapidStar's Anivia, when Storm's Mundo was caught in his own jungle by a couple of enemy players. Despite that Storm took a fast tower in top lane and started outfarming their opponents which slowly, but surely built up to a gold difference in their favour. The first dragon of the game was taken by Frost, the second one was stolen with a great Trueshot Barrage by Storm's Ezreal and the third one went to Storm as well, but Frost managed to get two clean kills off them.

Soon after Storm took an uncontested baron and pushed a couple of inner turrets with it increasing their gold lead even further. When the buff respawned Frost were ready and managed to take it for themselves this time as well as killing two of their enemies. Despite that Storm were still ahead and were soon pushing on Frost's bot lane when a fight erupted, Storm's support died and .. a wild "attempting to reconnect" (in Korean) sign appeared, which most people who watched the Season 2 Playoffs know very well.

After a long wait the game was successfully resumed though somehow Frost has gotten a clean ace. They pushed mid lane till the inhibitor and when they eventually came back to try and destroy it as well, they lost the fight 3-4. With the respawn of baron both teams were there and managed to get a kill each. Frost though backed off and Storm took it, while the latter's Twisted Fate was taking a nexus turret not really bothered by Shy's Singed who was trying to stop him. Powered up even more from the baron buff Storm went for a final push, killed 3 players from Frost and finished the game.

Winner: Xenics Storm
MVP: Cornsalad (AP Carry)

Game 2

Bans: Azubu Frost: Twisted Fate, Dr. Mundo, Karthus – Xenics Storm: Skarner, Jayce, Maokai

Picks Azubu Frost: Zyra, Shen, Corki, Diana, Jax

Picks Xenics Storm: Ezreal, Rengar, Vladimir, Blitzcrank, Orianna

In the beginning of Game 2 Shy's Jax took his team's red buff and went bot lane. What awaited him there though were Storm's AD, support and jungler who managed to take the turret before the 4 minute mark. CloudTemplar immediately went top to help his teammates do the same and Woong even managed to get first blood on Vladimir. Storm continued pushing bot and tried to get the inner turret, but both mid laners came as well and RapidStar killed Rengar, which made Storm back off.

Soon after that a gank for Frost in mid resulted in both APs dying but Woong scored two double kills in the next two team fights making the game go even more in Frost's favour. They got a 4-man baron at the 19 minute, aced their opponents in their base, losing only two, got another baron and quickly pushed for the win.

Winner: Azubu Frost
MVP: RapidStar (AP Carry)

KR CJ Entus vs KR GSG

Game 1

Bans: CJ Entus: Katarina, Rumble, Evelynn – GSG: Malphite, Rengar, Twisted Fate

Picks CJ Entus: Lee Sin, Sona, Vladimir, Ashe, Ziggs

Picks GSG: Ezreal, Orianna, Amumu, Leona, Irelia

With no lane swaps in this game first blood came from bot lane where Ashe managed to take out Leona. CJ Entus also got the first dragon, but GSG took two kills in return. From then on the game quickly became focused mainly on team fights. First the teams ended with 3 kills each in CJ's jungle, then GSG managed to take out 3 enemies without losing anyone and finally they got an ace while only Ezreal from their team remained alive.

GSG extended their lead by taking a sneaky baron, but couldn't do much with it because of CJ's Ziggs and his non-stop bombs to the face cleaning minion waves. CJ managed to turn the tides by winning a fight 4-1, taking the next baron and all of GSG's inhibitors, which ultimately allowed them to finish the game in their favour.

Winner: CJ Entus
MVP: inSec (CJ Entus' Jungler)

Game 2

Bans: GSG: Sona, Malphite, Rengar – CJ Entus: Katarina, Rumble, Evelynn

Picks GSG: Vladimir, Zyra, Varus, Maokai, Ryze

Picks CJ Entus : Kog’Maw, Lee Sin, Twisted Fate, Nunu, Olaf

Both teams' ADs and supports were in top lane at the beginning of this game but first blood was once again taken by CJ's AD carry, playing Kog'Maw this time. He died right after it to a gank from Maokai though. Soon after both junglers and AP carries were in top lane and the fight ended 3-1 in favour of CJ.

From this point onwards CJ Entus took multiple kills in all of the lanes and in GSG's jungle which made the latter surrender the game when the score reached 4-24.

Winner: CJ Entus
MVP: inSec (CJ Entus' Jungler)

The Champions continues tomorrow at 10:00 CET with the matches KR Incredible Miracle vs KR KT Rolster Arrows and KR Azubu Blaze vs KR NaJin Black Sword!



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