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Curse picks up Hold Mouse One

By Blaga 'blg-' Marius Madalin
Nov 7, 2012 16:18

ImageAmerican organisation Curse have announced that they have picked up Hold Mouse One as their Counter-Strike: Global Offensive squad.

Hold Mouse One have picked up by Curse, a known organisation for sponsoring teams outside of the FPS games. With new organisation, the North American team have also replaced a member. Former Team Dynamic player US Todd 'anger' Williams will fill the shoes of US Zach 'tm-' Miller after ESEA Invite Season 12 finals which will take place on 16-18 November in Dallas, TX and will feature six of the best NA CS:GO teams from the regular season.

The debut for Williams with his new teammates will be at DreamHack Winter 2012 which will take place on 22-24 November, in Jönköping, Sweden, few days after ESEA Invite finals. DreamHack Winter teams list has not announced yet, but the team has confirmed that they will be attending and did receive a invitation.

anger with Curse at DreamHack Winter 2012

US Jeff "emong" Anderson
US Preston "juv3nile" Dornon
US Michael "Michael3D" Wilbanks
US Tyler "Skadoodle" Latham
US Zach "tm-" Miller
US Todd "anger" Williams




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