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Prime looking for support from fans

By Tobias 'noxilicious' .
Nov 5, 2012 18:36

ImageThe professional Korean team Prime is - once again - about to go broke. MarineKing made a post on reddit where he asked for the help of the community. Without that help the team might be closed pretty soon.

The Starcraft II scene, especially in Korea, has suffered quite some negative changes in the recent past. A lot of good players left Starcraft II to play other games, some teams were closed due to the lack of money or due to internal problems. Now Prime is having some trouble again. They already had some problems in the past as they did not have enough money, but they managed to stabilize and improve the situation.

The financial problems are not the only problem for Prime as some of their best players decided to leave. The financial situation did not allow Prime to send their best players to international events. KR Jung-Hoon 'MarineKing' Lee could win one MLG event in 2012 and KR Hyun-Woo 'Creator' Jang could even win in two tournaments: TSL 4 and the WCS National Finals Korea. Beside those wins there was a bit of success in the GSL and the GSTL.

However Prime still got notable sponsors like Tt eSports and OCZ Technology. MarineKing did not give an explanation why the situation is so bad - even with two big sponsors like these two. Without donations, purchases from the store and a lot of streamviewers for the stream, Prime could go broke soon, as MKP stated.

Will the next Korean team be forced to close? Can the community do anything about it and is the community willing to do anything at all? They made it possible that MKP could attend to one MLG event where he had a sick streak but was still unable to win the whole event.

Source: reddit



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