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Na'Vi switch to GO?

By Marvin 'Destroyer1721' Horstmann
Nov 5, 2012 14:19

ImageManaging director Alexander "ZeroGravity" Kokhanovsky from Natus Vincere has revealed that his team will test the new Counter-Strike title Global Offensive.

Now finally the change to the new Shooter? The future of the highly-successful Ukrainian team has been up in the air for some time as they have not yet decided whether they will switch to CS:GO. Earlier in the year the teams star player Yegor 'markeloff' Markelov stated that he and his team did not want to play Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and the full team have been extremely critical of the game.

A Few days ago UA Alexander "ZeroGravity" Kokhanovsky the man behind the NaVi organisation gave an interview to in which he stated that the team would need to make the switch or he would be forced to shut down the CS division, given the lack of support 1.6 has from the major tournaments.

To watch the full interview, click here: ZeroGravity: NaVi to try out CS:GO

He also said that there would be a huge announcement in the coming days regarding his team and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. What do you think about this?

At the moment Natus Vincere are:
UA Ioann 'Edward' Sukhariev
UA Daniil 'Zeus' Teslenko
UA Sergey 'starix' Ischuk
UA Arseniy 'ceh9' Trynozhenko
UA Yegor 'markeloff' Markelov

Source: - NaVi to try out CS:GO



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