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Final thoughts on MLG Dallas

By Max 'Rehlyt' Cranston
Nov 5, 2012 03:45

ImageThe Fall Championship ran from Nov 2-4 in front of thousands of passionate LoL fans. The North American teams faltered, leaving the door open for European and Korean squads.

The MLG Fall Championship in Dallas wrapped up with an all-Korean final. North American teams did not fare all that well throughout the event. The first round saw 3 of the 5 NA teams fall down into the losers bracket, CA Dynamic , US Counter Logic Gaming and US Team Curse . The following round saw the two other NA teams,US Team SoloMid and US Team Dignitas fall into the lower bracket after losing to two Korean teams, KR NaJin Black Sword and KR Azubu Blaze, by a score of 2-0 in both games.

EU Counter Logic Gaming EU joined their CLG NA counterparts in the loser bracket and they each posted two consecutive victories against Dynamic/TSM and Curse/Dignitas respectively. The lower bracket semi-finals then played host to CLG NA facing off against CLG EU for bragging rights and to fend off elimination. CLG EU stuck to their typical gamestyle and won the tightly competitive series that brought both teams to their limits. The final was 2-1 to the Europeans.

CLG EU was then paired up against Azubu Blaze in the lower bracket finals on Sunday, with the winner off to play against an undefeated NaJin Sword in the Championship match. CLG EU lost 2-0 after some hard fought matches and the all-Korean final was set.

With the winner’s bracket rules in place, Azubu Blaze was required to win two best of threes to take the top spot, while NaJin Sword needed to win two out of three games in either set. The first best of three came down to a third game, and after nearly an hour of back-and-forth gameplay Azubu Blaze were one step closer to a trophy. The second best of three put the teams on equal footing in a winner takes all match. Azubu Blaze displayed an outstanding performance in the final series and NaJin ended up dropping three straight games after winning the first, they were on the brink of elimination. A night of tactical planning paid off and Azubu's hard work was evident from the difference in results against NaJin from Saturday to Sunday. After losing 2-0 to NaJin a day prior, the Azubu team (with substitute KR Park 'Shy' Sang-myun from KR Azubu Frost playing top instead of KR Lee 'Flame' Ho-Jong for the tournament) proved their determination with four consecutive victories. The two straight wins in the final set allowed them to hoist the trophy and be crowned champions. Azubu relied on some atypical strategies to outplay their Korean counterparts and take the MLG Fall Champions title.

Congrats to the winners Azubu Blaze and to all the teams for an exciting tournament!

Tournament Bracket can be found here: MLG Dallas 2012 Bracket



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