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Qualifiers for Season 3 Championship Series

By Irena 'curlychan' Pencheva
Nov 5, 2012 19:45

ImageSeason 2 ends in just a couple of hours, but there's nothing to fret about as Season 3 is on its way and it provides you with a chance to go pro on top of everything else!

3 teams from Europe and 3 teams from North America have already qualified for Riot's Season 3 Championship Series, but as you probably know, there are 5 more spots in each region to be filled.

With Season 2 officially ending tomorrow, 6 November, with a soft ELO reset of all ladders, it's time that you start taking your ranked team really seriously as it will finally start to matter now. If you and your teammates manage to hold onto a top 16 position in the EU West or EU Nordic & East ladder or a top 32 position in the North American one, you will participate in an online qualifier between 4 and 6 January 2013. The top 6 squads from these qualifiers will be invited (all expenses paid by Riot) to play in a live final qualifier tournament against the teams from the EU/NA Regionals that didn't get one of the first 3 spots for the Championship Series plus a few new Challenger Circuit competitors. Finish in the top 5 of these tournaments and your dream of becoming a salaried pro player will become true!
It sounds like a simple task but it isn't one by any means, so if you ever wanted to really try your best against the toughest teams there are in your region, you better start practicing right now!

Original post by Riot.



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