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NiP are ESWC '12 champions

By Theo 'zeuSel' Codreanu
Nov 4, 2012 18:04

ImageNinjas in Pyjamas defeated French side VeryGames to win their first ESWC title. Although both teams topped their groups, the Grand Final was surprisingly one-sided as NiP managed a 2-0 victory.

ESWC 2012 is now the second major tournament that the Swedish team won after DreamHack Valencia, and which will guarantee them a $10,000 cheque.

The Swedish powerhouse sliced through its opponents in the groupstage, winning four out of four matches and with an overall Round Difference of +27, while VeryGames struggled for a draw with Anexis, winning the group however with 10 points from 12 possible.

Moving on to the playoffs, NiP had an easy job against German side n!faculty, winning 2-0 in less than two hours, while VeryGames had to work their way to the final against Area51. The French team eventually won 2-1.

The Grand Final of the competition saw, as many predicted, SE Ninjas in Pyjamas and FR Team VERYGAMES fight for the first place prize of $10,000. The first map, de_dust2_se, was quickly adjudged by the Swedish giants, 16-3, with no reaction from VG after losing the first half 14-1. The second map, de_train_se, started better for the French team as they won the first three rounds as Terrorists on a CT-sided map. NiP, however, quickly recovered and the game was back at 4-3 for the Swedes. VG won only one more round apart from the first three, seeing the first side ending at 11-4. Second part saw VeryGames take an early 5-0 advantage and things were starting to get back on track for them, however, the Swedish team got back their momentum and were leading 15-12 after 30 minutes. Two more rounds were about to go in VG's way, this was not about to be enough as NiP sealed the deal at 16-14 and won the second and final map.

NiP, now ESWC Champions. Picture courtesy of

This being said, NiP are now the Electronic Sports World Cup 2012 Champions and have secured a $10,000 cheque for their victory. VeryGames will receive $6,000 for their performance, while Area51 will get $4,000 after winning against n!faculty in the third place decider match.

ESWC 2012 Final Standings:

1. SE Ninjas in Pyjamas - $10,000
2. FR Team VERYGAMES - $6,000
3. US Area51 - $4,000
4. DE n!faculty
5-6. PL ESC Gaming
5-6. DE mousesports de
7-8. BR ProGaming.TD
7-8. DK Anexis
9-10. NL LowLandLions
9-10. UK fm.TOXiC

If you missed anything, feel free to check our coverage page for the ESWC 2012 CS:GO tournament right here.



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