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ESWC 2012: Schedule

By (._.) 'DisappointedGuy' .
Nov 2, 2012 03:22

ImageThe first international Counter-strike: Global Offensive major is about to start and now we bring you the full schedule of the tournament. The battles will start at 05:30 CET with the group stage of the male competition.

Just a few hours separate us from the kick-off of the first Counter-strike: Global Offensive major tournament. Ten teams from nine different countries will take part of male battle while eight countries will have a representative squadron in the female division. Now here is what you were waiting for, the full schedule of the competition !

ESWC 2012 CS:GO male:

Friday, November 2
DE mousesports vs. NL LowLandLions - 05:30
BR ProGaming.TD vs. US Area51 - 05:30
SE NiP vs. NL LowLandLions - 06:30
DE mousesports vs. BR ProGaming.TD - 06:30
US Area51 vs. DE mousesports - 07:30
SE NiP vs. BR ProGaming.TD - 07:30
NL LowLandLions vs. BR ProGaming.TD - 08:30
SE NiP vs. US Area51 - 08:30
US Area51 vs. NL LowLandLions - 10:30
SE NiP vs. DE mousesports - 10:30

Saturday, November 3 Group B
PL ESC Gaming vs. DK Anexis - 05:30
UK fm.TOXiC vs. DE n!faculty - 05:30
FR VeryGames vs. DE n!faculty - 06:30
UK fm.TOXiC vs. PL ESC Gaming - 06:30
FR VeryGames vs. PL ESC Gaming - 07:30
DE n!faculty vs. PL ESC Gaming - 08:30
FR VeryGames vs. DK Anexis - 08:30
DK Anexis vs. DE n!faculty - 10:30
FR VeryGames vs. UK fm.TOXiC - 10:30

Playoffs - Semi-finals - 12:30 - BO3

Sunday, November 4
Playoffs - 3rd place decider 06:00 - BO3
Playoffs - Grand final 12:00 - BO3

ESWC 2012 CS:GO female:

Friday, November 2Groups A & B (12:00 - 14:00)
FR Imaginary Gaming vs. FR inFernity Ladies
SE 0+ vs. UK Reason Gaming
US UBINITED vs. ES blackWidow
DE ALTERNATE vs. BE Epsilon eSports
FR Imaginary Gaming vs. UK Reason Gaming
SE 0+ vs. FR inFernity Ladies
US UBINITED vs. BE Epsilon eSports
DE ALTERNATE vs. ES blackWidow
FR Imaginary Gaming vs. SE 0+
UK Reason Gaming vs. FR inFernity Ladies
BE Epsilon eSports vs. ES blackWidow

Saturday, November 3
Playoffs - Semi-finals - 11:00 - BO3

Sunday, November 4
Playoffs - 3rd place decider - 05:30 - BO3
Playoffs - Grand final - 09:00 - BO3

*Maps that will be played on each match were not announced




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