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ESWC interview with Bruce 'SK Spank' Grannec

By Patrick 'Pad93' Strack
Nov 1, 2012 20:18

ImageSK's own FIFA pro player Bruce 'Spank' Grannec will compete in the FIFA 13 tourney at the ESWC France in Paris this weekend.

Hey, Bruce, the first major event of the FIFA 13 Season, excluding the FIWC Chamipon of Champions tournament, is about to start. Do you feel confident ?

"Well, it's the first time that a major FIFA event come so fast after the release of the game. We only had one month to play on FIFA13, so we can expect some surprises i think. But i'm still confident !"

How did you prepare for this event?

"As usual, with my coach 'zaL' and my sparring partner 'Brak'. I'm playing 2 or 3 hours a day, trying some new teams and tactics to find the perfect thing for me."

With the tournament being in Paris, do you feel any home advantage ? Are there any friends that will be at the tournament, cheering for you ?

"It's always something special to play in front of an audience who is supporting you 100%. ESWC has a big mainstage this year, and i'll have to stay focus on my competition and not on others things around. I'm on the PES / FIFA scene for some years now, and i learned to handle this. I just need to stay focus, that is the most important thing in this kind of tournament. Some friends will be there, but i asked them to stay away as much as possible :D."

You were a part of the Opening Ceremony. What exactly did you do and how did it feel?

"ESWC is not the kind of competition where you come, you play. It's way more than this. It's a perfect occasion to meet new and old people, to discover others games of the eSport scene. Opening Ceremony is a summary of all this. Like a an Olympic Opening Ceremony."

You've got Ovvy in your group. Is he your main opponent for the number one spot in this group?

"He's the other top seeded player in my group. It obviously means something. Ovvy is a fantastic player to be honest, he beats me at Samsung European Encounter in semi-final and he fully desserved it. He's one of my favorite for the tournament, so he shouldn't be far away from number one sport in my group and i expect a tough game against him. We learned by the way that it'll be played at 12:30PM Friday on the mainstage, so everybody could watch it on the ESWC Stream. -"

Who do you think will be the main title contender ?

"As I said previously, Ovvy is one of my favorite. I'd add Abdulaziz Alshehri too. But i'm always bad in forecast ! :D"

If it's not a secret, which team is going to be your number one choice in FIFA 13 ?

"That's a good question. I just took the decision a few hours ago : Real Madrid. It was not so far to be Brazil, an outstanding team, but they are a bit too weak with header. So Real Madrid."


The interview was made by Valentin 'BetterBG' Georgiev



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