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Dota 2 Update : Overall fixes

By Antonio 'tower' A
Oct 29, 2012 20:00

ImageThe newest Dota 2 update brings us some overall fixes to the game after adding Centaur last week.

Valve announced another update today, implementing some of the fixes from the DotA version of 6.76c. They added some gameplay and bug fixes aswell.

Here is the full patchlog for this week update:
- Fixed Stampede sound not being global for enemies
- Fixed Stampede buff being applied as an aura rather than a one time buff
- Fixed Return vs Siege
- Fixed Treant Protector's strength growth
- Fixed Last Word Legacy Key
- Fixed Last Word interaction with BKB and Cyclone

- Stampede cooldown increased from 65 to 120/90/60
- Stampede duration rescaled from 3/4/5 to 3.75
- Stampede damage slightly reworked from 100/150/200 + 2x str to 0 + 1/2/3x str (no base damage)
- Stampede mancost increased from 50 to 80
- Stampede AoE reduced from 120 to 105
- Drow's base armor decreased by 2
- Marksmanship focus AoE increased from 375 to 400
- Last Word manacost from 100 to 115
- Living Armor cooldown and duration decreased from from 20 to 15
- Living Armor manacost decreased 30/35/40/45 to 25

Source:Dota 2 Official Website



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