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Bboongbboong leaves Prime

By Tobias 'noxilicious' .
Oct 24, 2012 14:11

ImageThe well known Korean team Prime loses a valuable Zerg player in the midst of trouble in the Korean scene. With SlayerS closing and trouble in the ESF the leave of Bboongbboong is everything but handy.

As KR Jong Hyuk 'BBoongBBoong' Choi neither wore the Prime clan wear nor the Prime clantag, people made their mind up and were wondering if he left his team. With this appearance in todays GSL Up & Down matches it was clear that something changed.

One of the casters of the matches, Wolf, asked Bboongbboong if he left and he confirmed. That means that another good player left a Korean team. Being one of the best Zergs of Prime makes this leave even worse.

He thought it was time for a change and he also added that he added a new atmosphere. A different way of thinking, new ideals and probably a new philosophy are only some of the things the young Zerg player wants to change. While practising and preparing for his upcoming matches, he is also actively looking for a new clan, may it be Korean or foreign. There is no official news or any article for this at all, but as the player confirmed it, there is no need for a news anyway.

Source: Team Liquid



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