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Life is the 2012 GSL season 4 champion

By Jonathan 'jnune09' Nunez
Oct 20, 2012 20:39

ImageAgainst all odds the rookie is able to take out the four time champion in an exciting seven game series. His Infestor control was enough to stop MVP in his tracks.

After a seven game match Life is about to take out the four time GSL Champion and becoming the first Royal Roader (winning the finals in his first Code S appearance). MVP was the favor coming into the match up, as many thought that Life’s aggressive style wouldn’t affect the champion. For the most part this was true; throughout the match Life was being stopped in his tracks. It wasn’t until the Infestors popped that Life really started hitting his stride. Life kept them alive and let no energy go to waste. Unless MVP was able to effectively counter with Banshees, the Infestors couldn’t be stopped. Whenever, MVP made an army to counter his, Life would just tech switch so fast MVP couldn’t react.
First game, Life is able to stall using the Infestors until Broodlords morph. He constantly harassed the fourth base of MVP, and engaged in counter attacks with Roaches. MVP’s tanks just were no match for the Broodlords.
In the second game, Life wasn’t done. After some heavy macro from both players and long fought battle between Vikings and Broodlords, it was time for a tech switch. Life threw in a hand full of Ultralisk into the army, rendering the Vikings useless. After the strong engagement MVP was forced to GG.
Antiga Shipyard was next. Terran’s advantage in this map would prove to be useful for MVP, not to mention Life’s complete lack of defense when the army of Hellions showed up. MVP did so much damage Life couldn’t comeback.
Even in a map he was favored to win, Life lost a map to MVP. Life attempted to rush Zerlings into the Terran’s main, but was met with a full wall-off after being scouted. Again the strong blue flame Hellion harass was enough to put Life so far behind, he couldn’t come back.
In game five, Life started to look down for the count. The constant Banshee harass made Life fall behind. The game came to an end when all the Infestor energy was wasted on an ineffective attack; MVP took this opportunity to counter with a massive army that Life just had no response for.
The excitement escalated in game six. Only one match could determine the next GSL Champion. On Ohana it's hard to stop a Terran when they get to four bases, but Life did just that. With a great Corruptor count, he was able to take down MVP’s Vikings and win the match with Broodlords.
It's not often the match goes to game seven. At this point excitement was at an all-time high and the match was even trending in some cities around the world. On Daybreak, after some unsuccessful Mutalisk harass Life was looking a little down, but in the late game engagement MVP split his army and became too weak to defend Life’s attack reinforcements.

When the seven game series came to an end Life said he lost hope after he lost three straight maps. Though by looking at him one could never tell. After every map Life was laugh and laying back in the both, staying calm as ever. Even the most accomplished player in Starcraft 2 wasn’t able to throw him off his game. This was a great introduction to what looks like a future dominant Zerg. It’s safe to say that everyone is looking forward to seeing what Life has to bring.



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