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Season 2 extended till 6th of November

By Irena 'curlychan' Pencheva
Oct 20, 2012 13:28

ImageDespite the Champions of the competitive League of Legends scene being crowned already, Season 2 is still not over for the casual players and especially those battling for a better spot in the ranked ladder.

Riot have announced a change in their initial plans of ending Season 2 on 23 October. They are extending the time you have to continue pushing for gold or diamond ELO till 6 November claiming that "this new date is better in line with the arrival date of new Season 3 content".

As you probably know all players who have achieved a Bronze or higher ranking in at least one of the ranked ladders will receive corresponding rewards, which for Gold and above include a new Janna skin. The rewards will be distributed on 6 November.

The date will also mark the soft ELO reset of all ranked ladders. "You will begin the new season unranked, with your initial seeding based on a compressed version of your final rating from Season 2. In addition, the system’s confidence in your rating will be reset, so large ELO gains will be possible even if you’re an extremely experienced player."


Original post by Riot.



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