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Blizzard responds to the community concerns

By Jonathan 'jnune09' Nunez
Oct 19, 2012 19:43

ImageAfter a whole lot of drama coming out of reddit and other forums Blizzard finally gives the community answers and seems to sympathize with everyones feelings' towards Heart of the Swarm.

This has been an interesting week in Starcraft 2 to say the least. It started with the Destiny post on reddit. Though he is often known for being some what of a comedian, he had very good points stated in an interesting fashion. Basically the reddit post stated that if Starcraft II continues the path it's on it is likely that the sport will die out and be taken over by League of Legends and Dota 2. The important thing to note about the post is that it didn't just blame gameplay or Blizzard for that matter. It pointed out that the UI is an important parts of games being an eSport, and how the community has to accept the casual audience.

The outcries escalated when ROOTCatz suggested that the community should tweet to Blizzard about what they think would make the game better with the hashtag #saveHOTS. Many pro players chimed in along with a huge chunk of the community. All of this is really interesting and fun to think about, but it becomes important and news worthy when Blizzard responded positively.

In the first episode since SOTG’s return it was announced that Blizzard reached out to Mr. Bitter and ROOTCatz to gather a team of Starcraft 2 community members as a representation of the community as whole. They are to inform Blizzard of what kind of changes are needed to make Heart of the Swarm the game we all want. Mr. Bitter also added that Blizzard is fully aware of our concerns and we shouldn’t believe they have left us out to dry.

Then in even bigger news, Blizzard announced a handful of UI changes coming to HotS. The changes in patch 1.5 were the start of what they planned on making, and even after they were done they weren’t happy with them. Blizzard stated that they have been aware of the problems for some time and they realized the UI’s importance when they saw players spend a third of their time navigating the menus and watching replays.

The menus are being changed in such a way that with a single click a player can return to the main menus that include: “Training”, Versus AI, Unranked, and finally Ranked (includes lose stats for all leagues). No more digging through tabs then backing out.

More in-depth stats are being added for the player that looks to follow their progress. These include win ratios vs. specific races or on any particular map, As well as display the current season average along with the player's career averages.

Parties will now allow more people being invited which helps for those custom maps that have large groups of players. Blizzard also stated they will be changing the way players find and pick custom matches.

Blizzard mentions at the end of their post that these aren’t the final changes coming to HotS and that they will continue to look for community feedback to add more features to the game. It will be interesting to see what Mr. Bitter and ROOTCatz advise Blizzard they should add.




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