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mousesports adds German Team xXx

By Blaga 'blg-' Marius Madalin
Oct 18, 2012 22:35

ImageMousesports has announced that they have picked up german giants Team xXx as their Counter-Strike: Global Offensive team.

The german team has started perfectly into the new ESL Pro Series season winning all five games. They also qualified for Electronic Sports World Cup 2012 by defeating DE mTw in the grand final of German qualifier, last week.

Mousesports has two Counter-Strike: Global Offensive teams now, the German squad led by DE Tobias 'Troubley' Tabbert and the old Counter-Strike: Source team, which was not able to qualify for ESWC, they were defeated by UK FM.TOXiC in the United Kingdom qualifier.

Team captain DE Tobias 'Troubley' Tabbert had the following statement:

"That‘s unimaginable - when I‘ve played CS 1.6 I always wanted to be a part of mousesports, now I am. Mousesports is the most successful CS team in Germany and it will be our task to carry that image. It‘s an honour to wear the red jersey and represent mousesports and we‘re hoping for the best fan support possible. umpumpen da!!"
DE Manuel "approx" Zeitz
DE Johannes "nex" Maget
GR Dimitrios "stavros" Smoilis
DE Hendrik "strux1" Goetzendorff
DE Tobias "Troubley" Tabbert

The first real test for the German squad will be Electronic Sports World Cup which will take place on November 1-4 in France, at Paris Games Week.




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