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gosu wins byLAN

By (._.) 'DisappointedGuy' .
Oct 9, 2012 16:31

ImageThis past weekend the Norwegian byLAN CS:GO tournament took place in the southern city of Brien, and when the action came to an end we saw gosu coming on top. The champion squad takes home a $3.100 prize pool.

The 2012 edition of the byLAN was held between October 5th and 8th in the city of Brien, in the south coast of Norway. Some time ago, the organization of the event announced that they would pick Counter-strike: Global Offensive as main game title with a $4.185 prize pool.

A total of 16 teams took part of the opening round, with NO gosu and NO Z Dragons easily getting on top of their respective groups and later managing to overpower their rivals on the playoff stages. Was in the grand final when they clashed in one of the most disputed battles on the whole tournament.

For the final match, both teams picked a map each one and then the clash started on de_mirage_csgo. At the end of the first half, gosu secured a 11-4 advantage on the scoreboard, and sealed a map victory as terrorist with a overall 16-12 score over their rivals. The second map, showed a improvement on the Dragons team play as they tied the fight after completely dominate on de_Inferno_se and forcing a third map to define the championship. At this point, the atmosphere in the place was very intense, and was even more as the teams had to play overtime. At the end, gosu came out victorious with a 19-17 score to get the champion title.

Grand Final statistics:
NO gosu 16-12 NO Z Dragons - de_Mirage_csgo
NO gosu 3-16 NO Z Dragons - de_Inferno_se
NO gosu 19-17 NO Z Dragons - de_Dust2_se

gosu's team leader Oliver "Cals" Tellnes stated after the final:
"We've just won the grand-final against Z-dragons. They gave quite the good fight and we didn't expect the match to be as close as it was. It came down to a 1v2 clutch at 14-15 and a ninja-defuse at 3-2 in overtime on the last map, it had all the right elements for an exciting final. We had several huge plays from our players and we're very pleased with the outcome. We now look towards future events and will hopefully be seen in some of the more prestigous events this fall and winter. Furthermore I'd like to send out a very special thanks to gosu and Orcbite for their support towards our team."

ByLAN's prize distibution:
1st.NO gosu – $3.100
2nd.NO Z-Dragons – $725
3rd.NO INFURITY.MIX – $360
4th.NO de_stroyers




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